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Buying a home is one thing, keeping it safe is quite a different story and depending on how you feel about security around your home you might ask why do I need a home security system ? well The tricky thing about ensuring security for your home is that it’s ongoing and requires constant monitoring.

Nevertheless, this can be a small price to pay provided your family has peace of mind. Thankfully, many benefits come with home security, but there is a fair share of reasons to get a security system for your home as well. In the United States, for instance, there are over 2 million burglary cases reported per year.

For every homeowner, even an attempted burglary can be a living nightmare. And there’s a whole lot more to home security than just keeping the intruders out. So we’ve got a lot to do, now, let’s get down and make a few things clear as far as home safety goes.

home security wall mounted control pad

Keeping intruders at bay

The first thing that comes to many people’s mind when they hear about home security is preventing unauthorized entry, and this holds true in many ways. The possibility of someone breaking into your house at any time is always looming large, especially when no one is at home.  One of the reasons you would need a home security system in place is to raise an alarm in case of an intrusion.

But these systems play an even more significant role, for instance, with security surveillance cameras, you can also keep an eye on everything happening around and inside your house. They also help reduce the likelihood of an attack by burglars, especially with the cameras being in plain sight. And they can help reveal any unwanted behavior from neighbors if you have some nasty ones

The risk of fire

Another thing that most people overlook, but one that you should consider is fire. With the right home alarm systems, you can add yet another line of defense to your home’s safety. Smoke and heat detectors can warn people in the home of a potential fire early enough, which can help save both lives as well as property.

To make your home security even more reliable, monitored alarm systems prove to be very helpful. The good thing about these alarm systems is that they double as a source of warning against fire as well as contacting the authorities for a response. Home fires can grow and spread pretty fast, sometimes all it takes is a matter of seconds, and those few seconds could mean the difference between life and death. So it’s best to stay ahead.

Preventing gas poisoning

If there’s one dangerous gas out there that could compromise the safety of your family, it has to be carbon monoxide. Produced in stoves and burning charcoal among other sources; it is colorless, odorless, and undetectable by human senses. Once inhaled, the red blood cells pick up this gas at a higher rate than oxygen. Then they release it into the body, replacing any oxygen in the system and hindering the functioning of tissues and organs. This could lead to a headache, nausea, vomiting, chest pain, dizziness, and in severe cases, death.

This nature makes carbon monoxide one of the most dangerous gases that you need to protect your family against. In most cases, carbon monoxide hurts people after building up for a significant amount of time. To stay safe, you should consider getting carbon monoxide detectors. These gizmos look much like smoke detectors, and you can get them separately or as a part of a home security system.  But getting them as part of a system could be your best shot in the worst-case scenario. This will allow an emergency service dispatch and medics, hence help gets to the affected individuals in time.

Timely medical assistance in times of need

Sometimes it’s not what might happen to your home, but rather, the problems that might come from within. Many homeowners or their relatives are living with serious health conditions, some of which can be life-threatening. The good thing about having the right system in place is that all it takes is the pull of a cord or the push of a button to call for aid.

This enables the person in distress to summon emergency service dispatch with ease, even if the person is alone at home. Most of the people who need this type of services include the elderly, sick individuals and people with special needs. Having a medical alert system could mean the difference between life and death, and what better way to secure your family’s well being than with their health.

Keep your valuables secure

You have those items you received as gifts from friends and family and a fair share of ones that you have bought over the years. Some of the personal items that can be valuable tend to be of significant meaning to the owner, and the last thing you want is to come home from the office or holiday trip and find they are all gone.

While burglary can be a serious threat to your valuables, you can keep them safe with the right security system, like motion sensors for instance. Besides signaling the authorities, the sound of an alarm is enough to send a burglar running from the scene. However, if they manage to get in and get away with your valued possessions, footage from security cameras could help identify the culprits, which brings you a step closer to recovering your treasured collection.

Save costs on insurance

Depending on where you live, a homeowner’s insurance cover could be a mandatory requirement. And whether you have to get it to comply with the law or you just want to keep your home secure, a homeowner’s insurance coverage can vary, but it’s still considerably expensive. Well, one thing you should know is that with an impressive security system in place, you can get a substantial discount on your insurance coverage.

Keep in mind, however, that the discount you get could still depend on the features of your home system installation. For instance, a system connected to a central monitoring station will fetch you a higher discount than the one without any monitoring. Nevertheless, in most cases, the discounts here range from 10% to 20%, which can still be significant considering that insurance cover is quite costly in the long haul.

By considering the cost and savings that a home security system can offer, you will notice that the whole aspect might not be ideal for everyone. However, if the cost of running a security system doesn’t outweigh the potential loss that you might incur in the event a burglary occurred, such a cost would be unnecessary. In the case of a small home without many valuables, installing an expensive home security system would be pointless, unless you need a medical alert system. Having a home security system in place is something worth considering if you want to give your family peace of mind. So weigh your options and make the right choice.