We have done some exhaustive research to find the Top Rated Home Security Systems to keep your property and your family safe from potentially extremely harmful situations this year. Securing your home can be a costly business, especially if you are engaging the services of installers to complete the job. However, Why not check out some of the excellent DIY home security system starter kits.

While these kits still have a cost, they usually come across as an ideal option when shopping for a home security system on a budget. In this article we will give you the information you need to help you make your purchasing decisions and by the time you finish reading you will know the system that will be the best fit for your individual circumstances.

person fixing a security camera to a roof

And being preferable to the professional home security systems is not the only thing this option does best. They are also easy to install since they come as kits that you can set according to your needs. And the best part by far is that you can even add more components to the system to fit your growing needs.

They Come In Kit Form

So you can start at the most basic level and bring onboard more add-ons and components. And there’s still a whole lot more to these systems. They are also self-monitored, so you can receive alerts once your system is triggered, as in the case of fire or break-in.

Then you can decide on whether to notify the authorities yourself. Besides, you can use a professional monitoring option that some DIY security kit vendors offer.  While still at it, it’s worth mentioning that you can also decide on whether to pay only when you need these services or go for a paid contract.

The list of the benefits that you can get with this option is quite a long one. But before you can enjoy any of that, you need to get the kit first. So if you are on the lookout for a starter kit for your home, let’s jump right into it and check out some of the best options around.

Things to consider when buying a DIY Home Security System Kit

Before looking at some of the best starter kits on the market, let’s check out a few basic but very important things to consider when shopping for these systems.

Sensors are the first thing to keep your eyes on, the more the sensors, the better the performance. In most cases, these kits come with door, window and motion sensors. But these vary in size and performance, sensitivity and such. So make the right choice depending on what you want.

The installation also counts. DIY systems should be easy to install. If the hub in your kit comes with a stand that you can use to set it up on the table, then that would be a great plus. Also, make sure the sensors are easy to attach on different surfaces.

Monitoring is worth checking into as well. Flexibility is crucial here, especially if you can decide on whether to opt in for a contract over a period of time or just let the system run and call the authorities yourself during emergencies. The choice here is all yours.

Third-party devices are important too. If the starter kit can work well with many third-party devices, then it is definitely worth a hard look. The good news is, most of these systems can work with a wide range of such devices. This proves crucial if you have already automated your home, or if that is something you plan to do soon.

Control is yet another aspect you should never overlook here. If you can operate the system remotely from your phone and computer, then it’s a great pick. This will usually depend on the hub, or the app that the kit comes with, so do a bit of footwork to get the best fit for your preference. Better yet, if it works with Amazon Alexa, then the ability to use voice control makes things easier and more fun.

1. Abode Essentials Starters Security Kit

Let’s get things started with one kit that comes with virtually everything you need to bring onboard the real meaning of DIY home security. Installing your DIY security system becomes even easier and less costly if the kit comes with everything you need for the job.

But that should be the least of your worries, as this kit comes with just about everything that counts. The package includes one gateway hub, one mini door and window sensor, one motion sensor, and a remote KeyFob.

High-quality rechargeable battery

Getting a DYI system doesn’t mean sacrificing quality for simple installation and ease of use. And this kit holds true when it comes to giving you the best of both worlds.

Thanks to its high-quality battery, you don’t need to worry about power outages. Since it’s rechargeable, the battery in this kit is always on the ready and can last up to 12 hours if power connection to your house is cut.

A gateway hub

This feature comes with an LED light that stays off and lights red once the system triggers an alarm. And when it turns yellow, you should know that is an indication of a connectivity issue on either the gateway or any of its sensors.

It also has a SIM card slot, a USB port, a LAN port, a power connection, and the battery backup switch, all of which you’ll find handy.

You can even use get other features like a ZigBee, RF, cellular and Z-Wave radios, which you can count on for connection to your gateway in case of loss of internet connection. This will necessitate a subscription to a cellular plan, which is definitely worth it.

The other thing worth mentioning here is an inbuilt 93 dB siren, This goes off if any sensor on your system is triggered, which is also a good thing as it can easily send a burglar on the run.

Door and window sensors

These sensors are pretty larger than most of the competition, measuring 1.2 inches by 3.2 inches by 0.8 inches, which is not a deal breaker anyway. Now, the interesting part is that these sensors come labeled and pre-paired with the remote from the factory, which makes installing them even easier.

Then there’s the motion detector and camera, which measures 4.8 inches by 2.7 inches by 2.0 inches. The camera boasts an impressive 90-degree field of view and takes some clear medium size photos. Besides, since it uses a flash, you can be sure to get color pictures even at night.

Keychain fob

This feature comes in as one of the most essential aspects of this system. It’s the one with an Arm Away button, which helps in activating all the sensors. It also has a Home Button for the activation of perimeter sensors and disabling of the interior ones once you are in the house.

This feature further has the Disarm button, useful for switching your system from armed to standby mode but without deactivating water or smoke sensors.

No more costs on your side

One thing that makes DIY home security systems the go-to option for most starters is the fact that you can cut on costs. Well, with abode, you never have to spend more money down the line on monthly fees.

You can simply monitor the system all by yourself or get a professional monitoring contract when necessary.

Self-monitoring system, easy control

One of the things that make these systems ideal for most homeowners is the self-monitoring and self-control capabilities, and abode is no exception. Besides this performance, this system is also super easy to control on your side.

It comes with a smart home platform that you can use to control it on your Android or iOS app. But you can as well control it on a web portal if you are using a computer. It just can’t get easier.

2. Oome Free Home Phone Service

For a fantastic DIY home security system on your phone, check out this little kit and get your home covered. With the set up being a child’s play, this is as simple as it can ever get if you want a system you can install with ease.

Wireless motion sensors installation

Installing sensors could be complicated if you have to run cables all through your house. And things can’t get worse than when you have to drill holes on walls. The good news is, with this system, you’ll never have to go through all that.

You can install its wireless motion sensors in any room, easy and quick. But these are not the only sensors that this kit comes with, as it also includes water and door/window sensors as well.

Call authorities remotely

In the case of an emergency, calling 911 is the most important step to take. But this can be hard if you are not at home. And that’s why this system is designed to enable you to call emergency services when you are away.

You can use a quick dial button at the Oome Home Security App to call the authorities. Keep in mind that this happens through Oome number, and it ensures your address is available for the dispatch to locate your house.

Oome Home Security app

While still at it, it’s worth mentioning that this app does more than just help with calling authorities during emergencies. It also gives you an overall glance over just about everything going on with your home security system.

You can check whether every component is working flawlessly, or whether your home’s doors and windows are open or closed. You can use this app to turn on the system or schedule the time it should turn on since this kit doesn’t come with a keypad.

Easy to use Telo Hub

From the installation to the use, this kit is straightforward in all aspects. You have the Android and iOS Oome Telo app (which is the base) to thank for the ease of installation and use that this kit offers.

During set up, the Telo hub directs you on how to register to get a number. Then you only need to plug your hub into a router or use the app to connect it with a Wi-Fi network, and you are good to go.

Geolocation function

Oome home security kit also boasts another aspect that you are sure to love, the beta geological feature. This helps turn on the security monitoring of your house as soon as your phone leaves. Thus, you don’t have to arm the system manually every time you leave your house.

Better yet, you can set it up with several different mobile devices, such as those of a partner or other family members. And you can decide the emails and phone numbers to include in the primary contacts. This way, you have total control over who gets alerts about anything going on.

3. Honeywell Smart Home Security Camera Base Station

It’s great at motion sensing, voice control and sending high-quality videos, but the Honeywell is one of the simplest home security kits you can get out there. And that’s not all yet.

A wide range of components

When going for any DIY system, you should make sure it comes with everything that matters. Thankfully, the Honeywell kit comes with everything you need.

The components include a base station, a camera, door, and window sensors, as well a key fob for remote control. It also comes with a battery pack, a 90 dB siren, one 5-watt speaker, and up to three microphones.

A Bluetooth radio, dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi radios and a Z-Wave radio are some of the other essential components in this kit.  

As a self-monitored system, you will need to call the authorities if anything happens, which helps cut on costs.

Robust base station

As the brain of the kit, the base station should be robust enough to offer you a convenient service. And with the one in this kit, that’s one less thing to worry about. This base station is powered by an astounding 2GHz Snapdragon 8-Core CPU. It packs in up to 8GB of flash memory, not forgetting its 1GHz RAM.

High-quality camera

If there’s one component in this kit that is sure to take your home security to a completely new level, it has to be its 2MP 1080p camera. Located at the top of the base station, this camera covers a field of view up to 147-degrees.

And the best part is, with two infrared LEDs giving it night vision capabilities, it records great videos at night as well. Besides, this camera is capable of offering facial recognition. However, keep in mind that it can only go as far as recognizing two faces for two hours each day.

The camera will record video clips of up to 30 seconds when the motion detector is triggered. And this footage is stored in the cloud, safe and easily accessible.

Works with Alexa

This is where things get even more exciting. This system’s compatibility with Alexa makes it not only super easy to use but also lots of fun. It will do just about everything that Echo does, from news to weather, sports and much more. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that this kit doesn’t yet support such functions as music playback.

Efficient geofencing function

Arming and disarming your system doesn’t have to be a daunting task, and things can’t get easier than when you can let the system do the job for you.

That’s where the geofencing function in this kit comes into play. This takes both the phone’s location as well as the Honeywell’s OK security voice to set different modes.

Enhanced deterrent function

Then there’s the one feature that truly sets this system above the rest. This function works along with the MotionViewer, and once it’s triggered, the base station speaker plays different sounds that make any intruder believe someone is at home.

These include sound like a vacuum cleaner, people’s conversation and laughing, and the bark of a dog among others.

4. Samsung SmartThings ADT Home Security System Kit

If you are focused on taking the whole concept of DIY home security to new heights, then this kit is definitely a good start. It comes with all the ideal components, but that’s not all yet.

Important components

It’s in the components where you can identify whether a home security system has what it takes to keep you secure. Well, this kit comes with all the important components.

You’ll have a motion detector, an ADT security hub with a 7-inch LCD touch panel, and 2 entry sensors. The package includes just about everything you need.

Easy to install

One of the things you really need to look into as far as DIY home security systems go is how easy the components are to install on different areas. They are meant to be easy to use, but if it can be easier, then that’s an even better aspect to go for. Well, this kit never disappoints at that one thing.

First, the hub, which comes in as the base for controlling the kit, is easy to install almost anywhere. You’ll find wall-mounting kits in the package, as well as a stand, in case you would like to prop it on your living room table.

While installing sensors that don’t attach easily can be a nightmare, the ones in this unit are built to ensure you never have to go through all that frustration.

Thus, they have an adhesive tape that easily sticks to almost any surface. And when it comes to pairing them up, you will only need to scan the bar codes embedded on each of their battery tabs.

Set it up in minutes

When it comes to setting up your security system, it shouldn’t take technical expertise to have everything set. And that’s exactly what you get with this kit. You only need to plug in your device, and you will get on-screen instructions to follow.

With the interface ready and running, you will see an on-screen code to notify you to download the SmartThings app on your Android or iOS mobile. Then you can pair your ADT Security Hub with the other accessories and you are good to go.

Impressive performance

This system is satisfactorily effective when it comes to performance, especially for users who go for professional monitoring option. This way, you can easily hit the Away button on your phone’s SmarthThings app, and the system will arm the motion and entry sensors in two minutes.

Keeping an eye on how your system is working is crucial at all times. So the app also lets you check on whether the system is working flawlessly at any time of the day.

And the best part by far is that you can arm it remotely rather than relying on using an exit timer. Besides, you will be able to keep the system armed when you’re at home by choosing the Stay option.

Not forgetting, this system is also compatible with most third-party devices, making it ideal for automation of your home.

Ideal for emergencies

One of the aspects that make this system worth checking out is its inbuilt 85-decibel alarm. It might not be as loud as alarms on most other systems, but it’s still loud enough to send an intruder on the run.

But most importantly, a home security system should be capable of helping you in dire situations.

That’s where the large panic button and a few other functions in this system come in handy, you can hit it to call the authorities if things go wrong.

You can even call the fire department with the security hub even when you don’t have a smoke detector on the house. Also available is a button for calling in medical services or the police.

5. Wink Lookout Smart Security Starter Kit

Our list of top DIY home security systems won’t be complete without the Wink Lookout kit. It’s not only easy and fun to set up and use but also pushes the limits in keeping your home safe. And it all comes down to several essential aspects.

High-quality hub

One of the things you have to keep in mind in a DIY security system, it has to be the hub. Finding one that can work well with several third-party devices is crucial, and this one does a great job at that. It features a circuitry that enables it to support Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Z-Wave, and Lutron Clear Connect as well as wireless protocol.

Hence, you can use this kit with cameras, locks, lights and garage door in your home among other household devices. Connection to a router is quite simple, as you can use a wireless connection or opt for an Ethernet cable, which is included in the package.  

Door and window sensors

These two features are crucial for any home security system, as they keep the most critical entry points to your house secure. Thankfully, this kit comes with these devices, and once connected to the hub, all you have to do is arm your system and leave the rest to them.

What’s more, installing them is a child’s play, as they have an adhesive backing that attaches easily on almost any surface. But you can also use mounting screws included in the package to attach them anywhere.

A motion detector

Here’s yet another essential feature that can be a very handy addition to your system. Motion sensors play an unbeatable role at notifying you of any movement detected within its range. And that’s where the motion sensor in this kit proves irreplaceable.

First, it has an impressive 100-degree range, which is wide enough to cover most of your front or backyard. Installing it is also remarkably easy, as it features an embedded magnet that you can use to attach it on just about any metal surface.   

Perhaps the best part is that you can use up to 5 sensitivity settings from Very Low to Very High and everything in between. So you can fine-tune it depending on your preference.

The siren is pretty loud

This system also comes with a siren, which is pretty small but still packs in quite some punch.  One cool thing about this siren is that you can set its volume depending on your needs.

You can set the volume on Low, Medium, or High, depending on the message you want the alarm to send. Even more exciting is the various types of sounds that you can set, which range from several beeps to police siren, doorbell, and many others.

Highly compatible

When it comes to smart home devices, compatibility is of great importance, and home security system starter kits are no exception. Thankfully, that’s one of the aspects in which this system stands out, as it can work with up to over 400 smart home devices.

From Philips to Nest, Ecobee, Schlage, Arlo, Ring, and a whole lot of others, compatibility is one of the things that Wink Lookout does best.


Final thoughts

Any of these DIY home security system kits will offer an impressive performance as they are among the top-of-line options on the market right now. Just check to make sure that any kit you are going for has what it takes to take your home’s security a notch higher.

Here’s the interesting part, these systems are an ideal fit if you are tight on budget. They don’t cost insanely high prices, and you don’t have to worry about monitoring fee.

But this doesn’t mean having to trade-off the quality, as these kits go the distance to ensure your home is secure.  So, which one of these systems will it be?

If you have any more questions about the Top Rated Home Security Systems, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.