We all know it, we’ve heard, seen, or lived through it; and above all, we all dread it; home break-ins can be one of the worst nightmares any homeowner can have to go through.

And without a reliable home security camera as this Swann 4 Channel 4 Camera Security System, it can be difficult to know what happened if you weren’t home when it all went down.

If you are serious about securing your property, valuables, and most importantly, your loved ones, then you definitely have a home security system in place. Or perhaps, that’s why you are here, to get a unit that can keep a watchful eye over your home even when you are half the world away.

So, does this camera system have what it takes to keep your home safer? In this Swann security camera review, we lay bare the ins and outs of this unit to help you make the best decision.

Let’s get started!


Smart home security makes things easier for you

Color night vision with an automatic black and white

Heat and motion sensing detects humans, animals and even vehicles

Don’t spend money on extra storage, there’s a 1TB hard drive in there

Reliable push notifications ensure you never miss important moments

The app allows you to take your home security wherever you go


It is difficult to get it to work with Alexa Show or Google home hub

The 90-degree field of view isn’t as great as some other units can achieve

The Key Features

Free video storage

Among the most important factors that have many homeowners scratching their heads when it comes to buying a security camera system is the storage. Having a great camera system but without a reliable way of storing the footage would make little, if any difference at all.

And as it turns out, Swann security understands that too well, which is why they have equipped this camera with a 1TB hard drive, which allows you to store up to months of surveillance footage for your home. Gone are the days of paying for that extra storage option put that money to good use.

High resolution

It’s all in the resolution, isn’t it? From handset cameras to home surveillance units, we want to go for the one with crisp clear pictures possible. And it makes sense, especially when it comes to home surveillance, where you need to capture every happening in great detail.

This collection of Swann security cameras got that covered too, thanks to the awesome high resolution that it packs. Thanks to its full HD 1080P footage, you can easily discern faces, tattoos, car license plates, and even labels on boxes among other important details in security footage.

Weatherproof design

Getting a camera that you can install indoors is cool enough, but sometimes if you can install it outdoors as well, then the better it gets. And that comes down to the construction of the unit itself. Is it tough enough to take on the ravages of nature and still remain standing after years, if not decades of use?

Luckily enough, this Swann security unit is built with that necessity in mind, so it is designed to withstand snow, rain, heat, as well as other unforgiving outdoor conditions, all thanks to its sturdy construction and weatherproof housing.

Heat and motion sensing

Performance is the very essence for getting a security camera in the first place, if it just doesn’t make the cut, then it isn’t worth the money. And what better way to get great performance out of a camera than with more detection capabilities.

Swan security has also taken care of that, with this unit built with the ability to detect moving warm objects such as humans and animals. But it doesn’t leave it at that; once an object has been detected, the unit sends you to push notifications besides initiating a recording, so you never get to miss a thing.

Home security has never been this smart

Smart home security is the big thing right now, and it makes sense considering that the bad guys are also getting smarter by the day. It’s thus important that you get a modern camera that is up to date.

Does this Swann CCTV stand up to the challenge? Of course, it does! Thanks to its compatibility with Alexa smart devices such as Echo Spot, Echo Show, and even 4K Fire TV, as well as Google Assistance and Chromecast, this unit takes home security to a completely new level.

Wide viewing angle

Another important factor that you have to consider before settling down for any home security camera is the viewing angle. And just like any other feature, this too differs from one camera to the other. Well, your guess is as good as mine — the wider the better.

As far as the field of view goes, this unit’s isn’t the best out there, as it comes in at only 90-degrees, while there are some other units that can cover up to well over 100-degrees. But what it lacks in FOV, this camera makes up for in its long-range coverage, at up to 100 feet.

Color night vision

Not many cameras out there can record footage in clear detail at up to 100 feet out. And while this camera takes that challenge on a stride, that isn’t always enough, especially if you are a lover of color night vision cameras.

And thankfully enough, this Swann security system doesn’t disappoint at that either, as it also packs in a full-color night vision at up to 32 feet, while the 100 feet is its white and color infrared function which switch on automatically if the conditions become too dark to capture videos in color night vision.

What Are The Benefits Of This Camera?

This DVR-4580 surveillance is a wired unit, which means you won’t have to spend money or time on switching batteries, or risk lack of footage if the battery runs out when you’re not around.

Audio capture is the other feature that makes this Swann CCTV a unit worth the money. Many of the surveillance cameras out there lack this crucial perk, but it could go a long way to give you an idea of what intruders were up to.

It also allows you to cut on additional storage costs since, besides the whopping 1TB hard drive that this camera comes with, it also allows you to upload the footage to the cloud, all you have to do is link your Swann DVR to your Dropbox account.

With the latest Swann security app on your mobile phone, you can never miss a thing, as you get to watch playback video of the footage and receive push notifications on events that matter the most.

This 4 camera 4 channel Swann camera system also goes a long way to offering you larger coverage on a single purchase. Once you have it in place, you won’t have to worry about any dead spots that could breach your home’s safety.

The HomeSafe View app also allows you to set the camera to upload still photos to your Dropbox account, or even save it on your tablet for your review when necessary or whenever you have some free time.

Besides the heat and motion detection capabilities of this camera, it also features a bright sensor warning light, which can be sure to persuade a burglar to think twice about targeting your home.

This Swann camera system further makes things super easy for you by allowing you to use voice commands when in the house, and even when you’re away. Such customizes commands as ‘Okay Google, show me the front door’ or ‘Alexa, switch on TV’ could help you take charge of your home security from anywhere, and even make it look like you’re at home when you’re not.

And just as this Swann security  system got your back, the manufacturer stands solidly behind their products, ensuring they’ve got you covered too. With the Swann camera coming with a 12-month warranty, you can bet that the company is there for you in case anything goes wrong.

Then there’s the Smart Search technology, which allows you to select the specific area of any image so you can look for any movement within the footage. This should save you a great deal of time and effort.

My Overall Opinion

Whether you want to install a new home security system in your home, or in the process of upgrading an existing one, this Swann wired security camera system is definitely worth a hard look.

It offers the difference you might be on the hunt for if you don’t want the Swann wireless security cameras out there, but the performance is still the same.

I particularly loved the ample storage space that it offers, which means you don’t have to spend more on storage subscriptions. But that’s just me, you can be sure to find something exciting about this camera. I highly recommend giving this Swann camera system a try and see what it will bring on board in your efforts to a safer, secure home.

If you have further questions about this Swann security system, leave me a comment in the comment section below and I will get back to you at the soonest opportunity possible. 

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