People install home security systems for all manner of reasons, but no matter what your reason might be, this Ring Alarm 5 Piece Kit is one of those units that you should have in your home.

One thing that makes this unit worth adding to your home security systems arsenal is the impressive performance that it delivers.

But that’s not all, as it also comes with a wide range of great features that could highly enhance your family’s safety.

When setting out to secure your family and valuables, you need to be sure to get a unit that’s really cut out for the job, so let’s dive right in and find out whether this one fits the bill.

The Key Features

Everything you need is in the box

Getting a home security system is one thing, setting it up and making the most out of it is quite a different story altogether. And it takes a unit with everything you need to make this easy and achievable.

That’s one less thing to worry about with this unit, as it comes with just about everything you need. The kit features a contact sensor, a base station, a motion detector, the keypad as well as a range extender.

Everything is in the box, no kidding!

Easy to use with Alexa

With most home devices becoming smarter by the day, it makes sense to have a unit that you can automate with ease. That’s the other cool feature that makes this kit worth checking out, as it can work with Alexa.

Thus, arming or disarming your alarm as well as checking the status of the system becomes super easy.

Besides, you can also connect it with Alexa Guard, which allows you to get timely alerts on your device anytime Alexa hears smoke alarms, carbon monoxide, or window and door sensors go off.

Ring security system installation is also super easy

Another thing that you need to be keen on when choosing this type of unit is the ease of setup, especially if you are considering going the DIY way.

Fortunately, this kit is very easy to set up; you don’t even need any tools or professional know-how to set it up.


As much as you want a unit that offers great performance, there’s always an advantage in being able to add components to your system.

That’s one of the things the ring alarm system does best, as you can add several cameras and sensors to the base station, thus enabling you to monitor more areas around your home without any significant additional cost.

Be in control of the budget

If there’s one factor that tends to stand in the way of many people’s interest in this type of home security system, it has to be the issue of cost.

Fortunately enough, that should be one less worry for you with this kit.

The good thing about it is that you can enjoy the security it offers without having to get into long-term contracts or covering any costly cancellation fees.

Easy to use

The control of your alarm could prove to be a challenge, especially if you are not used to this type of unit.

In essence, however, this doesn’t necessarily have to be a difficult undertaking, and Ring goes to great lengths to make it so.

Well, it all boils down to the ability to control your alarm, as well as all the doorbells and cameras using a single central location.

What’s more, the base station allows you to keep every alarm system online, as well as ensuring a convenient connection to your mobile and other devices.

Can it get any easier?

Inbuilt range extender

One thing worth mentioning here is that these units work with the help of a signal that allows communication between the base station and the other components on the system.

And while the signal could be weak at some points, this system comes with a range extender that takes care of that, as it helps by extending the signal from the base station to every alarm component on the property.

Contact sensor

Doors and windows are by far the most targeted areas when a burglar decides to gain entry into your property. And as such, securing them could mean a world of difference. That’s where the contact sensor comes into play

By the way, if you haven’t installed any of these sensors, has an in-depth explanation about what these are and how they work, check it out.

The contact sensor works in a pretty simple way since all it does is alert you if the door or window is opened. It might sound simple, but this could be all you need to figure out that someone is breaking into your home.

Loud siren

Just how loud do you want the siren of your unit to be? It’s one of the most important factors you have to consider when making the choice for this type of unit.

The great thing about this unit is that it packs in quite a punch when it comes to the sound of the siren. With up to 104 decibels, the siren in this unit is sure to send an intruder running as well as signal you and the entire neighborhood to the breach (or attempted breach) of security in your home.

Long battery life

It’s one of the most important things to consider when going for any wireless security unit, and this one is no exception.

With the ability to last up to 10 months running on a single charge, the battery that this unit comes with packs in enough juice to keep your home safe for a long time.

But that’s not all; it also features a rechargeable 24-hour battery for backup just in case things go wrong, so you can count on it to keep an eye out at all times.

Here’s A Tip

Keep in mind that the battery life of this unit will depend on the usage, so it might not necessarily last for 10 months always.


Long-lasting battery life that you can count on.

Battery backup always at hand if need be.

Easy to install on a flat surface or mount it on a wall.

Its loud siren is audible several blocks away.

Works with Alexa to make things super easy for you.

It comes with everything you need.


This unit would be great with a fancy touch screen, not only would it look awesome on the wall, but it would also be easier to use.

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My Overall Opinion

Finding the ideal solution to your home security could be easier said than done, especially with all the options around, picking the right unit is no easy feat.

Not to worry, if you want a unit that you can count on right off the bat, and even expand to suit you’re changing home security needs over time, then this one is an all-rounder.

It’s not only robust, but it’s also super easy to install and use, and even adding sensors and cameras doesn’t take rocket science.

Check it out to take advantage of the wide range of features and use this unit to secure your home.