From the mailbox to the backyard and into the bedroom, motion sensor security lights are making their way into just about any part of our homes, with good results. They are small, light, and fit just about anywhere in your house or outdoors. But why do you need to have these gizmos added to your home security system? When it comes to home security, taking chances is not an option.

And one of the things that make these devices worth checking out is the irreplaceable service that they offer. Motion sensors work in a pretty simple way.

They detect any movement in their field of range using different mechanisms (which we will describe in the guide section) then they set off an alarm. But there’s more to these little devices, so stick around to find out.  

Now, without much ado, let’s take a look some of the top motion sensors on the market.

1. Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm

Let’s get things started with one of the most sought after motion sensors on the market. Its weather-resistant design is one of the things that make this motion sensor a darling for many, but it still packs in a whole lot of other exciting features too.

First off, this device will dependently notify you in case it detects any movement within its field of coverage. Whether it’s during extremely windy days, hailstorm, during a heavy downpour, or even on hot days, this all-weather unit never disappoints.

You can even minimize the chances of false alarms, thanks to an adjustable width option for the unit’s eye, as well as a swivel mount that lets you focus the sensor at any angle you want.

The installation can’t get any easier, as this unit comes with a quick start guide that you will definitely find handy, especially if you’re new to this type of devices. And the best part, well, you can still expand it up to 16 sensors if you like.

Make the most of the 500 feet long-range coverage. This holds true even in areas with thin walls, vehicles, and even trees among other mild interferences. Then it also boasts up to more than 30 different chimes for you to choose from. You can even match them with different sensors to make it easier to identify the area where there’s an activity.

Built with outstanding high-grade PVC housing and rubberized weather-resistant steel as well as a sunshade, this unit is sure to last you for years against the beating it takes from the rough outdoors.

2. XYMO Battery-Powered Motion Sensor

Coming in on the second place is yet another motion sensor that is sure to blow you away with its LED night light performance. But that’s not the only impressive feature this sensor comes with.

Its sleek and stylish design is what you need if you want a sensor that looks great on any place you install it around the house. Besides, since it can stick just about anywhere thanks to 3M double-sided adhesive pads that it comes with, you can install it in any surface in the house.

There’s even an inbuilt magnet that comes in handy if you want to attach the sensor on a metal surface. From the kitchen to the bathroom, the bedroom, stairs, closet, you can install it virtually anywhere in the house, and you will never need any tools for this.

Remember, this unit also sports super bright LEDs that produce more than enough light to keep your path visible without necessarily turning on the overhead lights.

Changing the three AAA batteries that this sensor uses will never have to be a hassle. Just twist it to remove the cover when replacing the batteries.

Most importantly, the top-quality sensors enable the light to activate even in pitch-dark conditions. Then it shuts itself off in 15 to 300 seconds to minimize battery usage.

3. AMIR Cordless Battery-Powered Motion Sensor Light

When it comes to motion sensors, then you can bet on the fact that a wireless one never disappoints in terms of efficiency. Well, this unit is no exception, and it truly lives up to the hype as far as performance goes.

One of the aspects that make this sensor stand out is its 3-pieces of AAA batteries, which make this unit a great option to light up different areas in your house even during power outages. Although these don’t come with the package, you can easily get some in your local store.

The installation has to be something worth looking into, which is where this unit stands out. Its stick-anywhere and wireless design make it easy to install in any room or hallway in the house.

With a sensor range of up to 120-degrees and a sensitivity of 10-feet in distance, this sensor offers an impressive performance as far as coverage goes. Then there are the 6-pieces SMD 2835 super bright LED bulbs with an impressive 20-lumen output.

The automatic sensor also has an ace up its sleeve, as it only turns on in dark conditions and once it detects any motion. It’s light and the PIR motion sensor turn off within 15 seconds if it doesn’t detect any further motion, which helps lengthen the battery life.

One thing to keep in mind, make sure not to install this unit in areas with extreme heat, as this could compromise the performance of its adhesive strip.

4. Mr Beams MB726 Battery-Powered Motion Sensor Light

If you are on the hunt for a motion sensor that’s truly easy to install, then a wireless one is most likely your best bet. And while this sensor pulls off an impressive wireless performance, it still has a whole lot of other exciting features too.

One of those is the long motion detection distance of up to 15 feet. Along with the 30-second auto-off feature, this camera does a great job at dependently keeping an eye out there for you. Better yet, the sophisticated motion and light sensor design ensure the light comes on only when it detects motion at night.

The 6 motion-sensing LED bulbs are pretty awesome too, with the ability to last up to 50,000 hours, they are sure to last you long enough to ensure you get the value you pay for.  With up to 20 lumens, these lights illuminate an impressive 10 square feet.

This unit uses 4 AA batteries for each light. But keep in mind that these do not come with the package. However, they are quite lasting and help make the installation a breeze, as you don’t have to struggle with fitting power cables.

It goes without saying that the installation is super easy, only taking less than 5 minutes. And once you have it in place, the weather-resistant construction of this unit keeps it strong and in pristine conditions for years.

5. OxyLED Wall Light Motion Sensor Light

For a motion sensor that lights different areas in your home while still adding that essential line of defense, make sure to check out the OxyLED. Well, that’s not all this sensor does, as it also comes with a hoard of other interesting features too.

To begin with, the luxury aluminum used to make the case and a fireproof ABS material make it an ideal option for lasting service. Then there’s the ideal automatic sensor with a sophisticated detection technology that recognizes the light ambiance around on its own. The LEDs are sure to last you up to 50,000 hours if not more.

With 3 meters sensitivity distance and 100-degree sensor range, this unit doubles as an efficient light source for your closet or dim areas. And the best part is that it turns off automatically if it doesn’t detect any more motion around it.

The installation can’t get easier, as you can mount this gizmo on just about any wall. To make things super easy for you it comes with an adhesive tape or you can decide to use mounting screws. But you will never need to install any wires at any point.

It works great in different sections in your house. Whether it’s the laundry room, basement, corridor, the bathroom, stairs, kitchen, closet or on the hallway, this sensor fits in any area.

The customer service is also as impressive, and you can get your money back within 30 days or get a replacement within 12 months. But you will be able to get the customer support for life.

6. 1byone Wireless Driveway Alarm

Having a device that can keep your driveway safe is one of the best ways to ensure safety for your family and valuables. Thankfully, this is exactly what this sensor does, and it has a hoard of features that make it worth featuring on our list.

One such feature is the state-of-the-art passive-infrared technology that gives this sensor an edge to detect even the slightest motion within its detection range.

It’s also great when it comes to expanding the coverage, as the receiver can pair up with up to 5 PIR sensors. So you can start with a single sensor, and then add sensors on other areas within your property over time.

You will have 3 different modes to choose from, which include an LED flash, a sound, or both at once. Besides, you can control the volume to 3 different levels, high, medium and low, with the decibels ranging from 25 to 80 dB.

Also, the receiver allows you to choose from as many as 36 types of ringtones depending on your preference. Not forgetting, this unit can send the signals to the receiver from an incredible distance of up to 100 meters.

You can also set the alarm tone or chime or simply a silent flash of the LEDs. And with the ability to pair up the receiver with as many as 50 sensors, you will always have room to do more.

Just make sure not to install your sensor in an area with direct sunlight or wind to avoid getting false alarms so often.

7. WJLING Motion Sensor Alarm

Having a motion sensor light isn’t always just about having a device that can detect motion within its range; sometimes getting a device that can do more is always a welcome addition. Well, that’s mostly what this unit is all about.

First off, the installation is as easy as it is fast, thanks to the wireless design of this unit. You only need to mount it on a wall and you’re good to go.

A portable wireless receiver is easy to plug into a most common outlet so you can take it with you wherever you are to get instant alerts. The mounted sensor works great with 3 pieces of AAA batteries, although these don’t come with the package.

You will have up to 38 different chime tunes to choose from, so you can set the one that sounds the best to you. The receiver and transmitter can work within a distance of 100 meters, so you can count on it even on extended distances.

Versatility matters a whole lot when it comes to these sensors, and this one does a great job at this aspect. Use it for window frames, front doors, driveway, or walking paths, use it just about anywhere. But keep in mind that this unit is not waterproof, so install it in a place that is shielded from rain.

The auto sensor works wonders, with a detection time delay of 15 to 30 seconds depending on the configuration you want to set. Not forgetting, the LED indicators are very bright, and the infrared sensor works perfectly even in darkness.

8. Htzsafe Solar Driveway Alarm System

If you are on the hunt for a motion sensor light that offers a difference, then this one is worth a hard look. As a solar-powered, you’ll never have to worry about replacing any batteries or charging the unit.

And you can still use a 12-volts DC5V power adapter to power the sensors if you don’t want to use the solar panel. But there’s still a whole lot more to this unit, as it also comes with a weatherproof construction that makes it perfect for installing in the outdoors.

Reliability is the most important thing ever as far as these units go, and this one never disappoints at that. This DIY security system features an improved infrared detection chip design as well as the detection angle.

Besides, the transmission is incredible at up to ½-mile long range, a similarly impressive sensor detection range of up to 50 feet. But you can set the sensitivity at either high, 50 ft, medium, 30 ft, or low, 25 ft.  Also, note that you can adjust the volume at up to 4 levels, and you have as many as 35 different tones to choose from and configure according to your preference.

Hence, you don’t have to deal with regular false alarms due to effect from sunlight, fog, rain, wind, snow, or temperature changes among other outdoor elements. It can work perfectly in an extensive temperature range from minus 30-degrees all the way to 70-degrees Celsius.

The kit comes programmed so you can have it ready in next to no time. And the installation is every bit as easy too, being a DIY system, it only takes a matter of minutes to install. Well, the best part is, this system is also expandable, so you can add up to 32 sensors and as many receivers as you wish.

9. Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm

The driveway is one of the places where intruders are most likely to use access your property. But sometimes you might need these units to notify you when friends and family members visit. So getting one for your driveway, and this unit is definitely a go-to option.

Among the different features that make it outstanding is the super easy installation. Thanks to an included quick start guide, even novice DIY users can install this unit without any struggle at all.

Better yet, since it’s also expandable, you can add up to 16 sensors and an unlimited number of receivers to the system. You also get more than 30 different and unique chimes at your disposal.

And with the sensor made of industrial-grade PVC housing and a rubberized steal, it is extremely weather resistant, not forgetting that the unit also features a sunshade feature. So you can set it up anywhere without any concerns over the rigors of the outdoors.

Its 500 ft long-range performance is downright awesome and works great even with such interferences as trees, buildings, and walls.

The receiver comes with a loud but adjustable volume that you can set to your desired level. It also has a battery backup, which is a pretty good thing too. And then there’s the 12-volt relay that you can use for adding more alarms.

It’s worth noting that this unit uses 4 AA batteries, but its energy efficiency is remarkable, as these could last you for up to a whole year.

10. Govee Home Security Driveway Alarm

Here’s yet another remarkable driveway motion sensor light that you can’t afford to pass up on. It has everything it takes to withstand quite a beating from the outdoors. And it comes with a wide range of other impressive features too.

The long detection range lets you know right off the bat that this motion sensor is built for heavy-duty performance. Its infrared sensor detection works great at up to 4 to 8 meters, but it’s the 280-meter transmission range that will blow you away.

With up to 5 modes, this unit is many things. You can use it as an alarm in case of intrusion, or a night light, a colorful light, a doorbell, or a welcome mode. The choice is all yours. Also, select the best ringtone for you thanks to up to 36 unique ringtones.

The volume is also easily adjustable, as you can set it as high as 113 dB. And so is the light mode as well, since you have up to 4 modes to choose from, which include blue light, red light, green light and a flash of the LEDs.

Thanks to passive infrared PIR technology, this unit works wonders even in the darkest of nights. However, make sure you don’t install it facing direct sunlight or in an area with the direct wind to avoid false alarms.

11. Hosmart Rechargeable Driveway Wireless Sensor

Get a driveway motion sensor light with a difference with this Hosmart unit’s leading-edge technology that comes from the company’s over 30 years in the industry.

To get things started, the installation is one of the most important aspects to consider when going for motion sensors. Well, thankfully, this unit comes with a quick start guide that ensures you can set it up in minutes even if you are totally new to this kind of devices.

What’s more, finding an expandable system is always a good thing, as this means you can get more areas in your home covered. Not to worry, this unit is completely expandable, giving you the opportunity to add up to 4 sensors and as many receivers as you want.

Nothing quite beats the chimes that you can get with this unit. It comes with up to 4 outstanding chimes, which you can match with different sensors as you wish. It’s also worth noting that the base is powered using a battery or AC power.

For a remarkably long-range reception, you need a unit that truly packs in the punch, and this gizmo seems to push the limits at that. It not only boasts an incredible ¼-mile range, but it also delivers a remarkable 1500 ft wireless range in ideal conditions.

To minimize the chances of false alarms, you can set the sensitivity at high, 30 ft, or medium (1) at 25 ft, medium (2) at 20 ft or low at 15 ft. Moreover, if you want to get the best focus and angle, you can turn the swivel mount as you wish.

To ensure you can buy with confidence, the company has got you covered thanks to its 2-year warranty on the unit.


12. Hosmart Rechargeable Solar Driveway Sensor

Hosmart has yet another great motion sensor for anyone looking to secure their driveway. This one not only comes with an impressive long-range performance, but it also packs in an array of other exciting features too.

The ease of installation should always be the first thing to check out when choosing any motion sensor. Whether you’re just starting out or an avid home security DIY person, this unit is built to make the installation a snap.

And it’s all thanks to the wireless design, and an included quick start guide to take you through the entire installation.  Also remarkable is the performance that this gizmo delivers.

First off, the ability to transmit from the sensor to the receiver at up to ¼-mile range in ideal conditions is amazing. It also ensures up to 1500 feet wireless range if the conditions are right. You can as well add up to 4 sensors to the system and all the receivers you need.

Make the most of up to 4 distinct chimes, which you can also match with the individual sensors located on different sections in your home. You can also adjust the sensitivity level to minimize the chances of false alerts.

A weatherproof design means you can install this unit virtually anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors. And it all comes down to the strong PVC housing and the rubberized weather and water-resistant steel construction.

Above all, the company stands behind its quality with a lifetime warranty on all of this unit’s parts and the workmanship.

13. Fosmon WaveLink 51005HOM Wireless Driveway Alarm

You can use it as a doorbell alert at home or at your business, this sensor comes with pretty much everything you would ever look for in this type of units.

The wireless function is the first and perhaps most exciting feature this sensor offers. This not only makes the installation super easy, but it also delivers a remarkable performance.

The unit can detect movement within 5 meters and at up to 110-degrees of its range. Its signal transmission and reception go as far as 150 meters, which would be great for most homesteads.

Another thing worth noting is its 52 different types of ringtones, which you can choose from and set according to your personal preference. You will also be able to set the volume at up to 4 different levels.

For visual alerts, make the most of the robust LED light indicator in this unit, which flashes to signal you once any sensor is triggered. This works great for people with hearing problems.

Its wireless plug-in receiver is also easily portable, and you can use it on most 110V outlets, which ensures you can have it with you wherever you are within your home. Versatility is yet another thing this unit shines at, as each receiver can work with 10 transmitters.

On the other side, each transmitter will work just well with up to 10 receivers. There’s no limit to how much you can achieve.

This Is your Buyer Guide.

How to Choose the Right Motion Sensor

When it comes to buying motion sensors, you need to keep an eye out for a fair few things to be sure you get the right unit. All said and done, here are some of the things you don’t want to miss when buying these sensors.

Understanding how different motion sensors work

One thing for sure is that these sensors use different technologies that help them sense movement if anyone comes within the unit’s range. With the sensor triggered, the unit lights up to illuminate anyone or anything within the area. Well, here are some of the different technologies that these sensors use.

Passive Infrared (PIR) sensors: These sensors are the most common on the market. And what makes them so popular is that these units can detect body heat. With the rapid change in temperature level, the unit then triggers an alert on the receiver.

Microwave: They can be quite expensive, but these sensors tend to cover a larger area than most other options. To detect any motion, the unit sends out microwave pulses and measures if there’s any reflection if any object comes into the range.

Ultrasonic sensors: This option sends out high frequencies sound, and the unit detects any intrusion if anything comes within the range of the sensor, then, the sensor is triggered.

Dual technology sensors: This one utilizes a combination of different sensor technologies, which helps reduce the chances of false alarms. In this case, the alarm or action is only initiated if both types of sensors are tripped.

For instance, if the sensor uses both movement and infrared technology, the unit won’t trigger an alert due to branches being moved by the wind. The unit will only trigger an alarm if it detects the motion along with heat detection from the infrared sensors.

Vibration sensors: To detect motion, this type of units has a lever that has a small mass. This mass will vibrate if anyone or anything moves close to the unit. Hence, this is detected as an intrusion and the sensor alerts you.

Area reflective sensors: In this type, the unit sends out infrared rays from LED lights and measures the distance between the sensor and objects within its range, if any new object is detected, the alarm goes off.

Indoor or outdoor motion sensor lights?

If you can, then getting sensors for both indoors and outdoors would be a good thing. But you need to think through a few things as far as both options go, as each comes with benefits and a fair share of downsides too.

The indoor sensors, for instance, are great as they come on automatically, which would be great if you want to move into the room while carrying stuff that has both your hands full. Hence, you won’t have to find and flip the switch yourself.

Besides, since they remain off most of the time, you can save a lot on the utility bill. And they are great when you’re going to the bathroom at night, as they come on automatically. Then there is, of course, the aspect of security.

However, when it comes to the flipside, these sensors could come to light or sound an alarm at a time when you didn’t want to wake everyone else in the house. Also, the lights might go off after only a few seconds, which could be inconvenient if you are sited steel while reading.

Luckily, this won’t be a cause to worry as you can configure the settings to ensure they stay on for longer.

Outdoor sensors are every bit as great too. You can use them to get notifications whenever the delivery guy approaches your driveway, when someone drops a mail in the box, or if there’s an intrusion.

They also help keep pests off your trash cans and out of the yard. But the aspect of downsides is still too real.

As these sensors could trigger too often for comfort, especially if you have it installed near the street or if pets keep triggering them.

Some sensors will go off at the slightest movement, depending on the product you get. This can be frustrating not only for you but sometimes for the neighbors too. So make sure to weigh your options before stepping into it, and ensure you go for a unit that does the job best.

Things you should consider when buying a motion sensor security light.

The light

First things first, it’s worth noting that most of these sensors use LED lighting. It’s a good thing since these lights require less power thanks to their low voltage needs. And hardly ever cause any concerns over potential fire since they don’t emit any heat.

Also, keep in mind that LEDs are usually much brighter than regular bulbs, and that’s not all yet; they also require less power, about five times less wattages than incandescent bulbs. The range of the lights is also worth considering.

For instance, a unit capable of producing floodlights for up to several dozen feet will be great for keeping intruders off your property.

Luminance is also crucial

Different motion sensor lights will have different brightness, but to know just how bright the light can get, then the luminance is what you need to keep your eyes on. Most LED lights in these sensors vary from as low as 42 lumens and extend all the way to 3,400 lumens and anything in between.

Not to worry though, even the low 42 lumens will still be enough to see clearly. And help a camera capture all the details of an intruder’s face if you have one installed alongside your motion sensor.

The choice here is all yours since if you want a motion sensor to keep intruders off your property, the high lumens will be able to flood an extensive area with its bright light, thus scaring them away.

Sensor range

Most sensors can perform well within a range of several tens of feet, sometimes up to almost 100 feet. Besides the distance, the angle is also worth considering, depending on where you want to install it.

In this case, most units feature up to 100-degrees to as high as 270-degrees detection angle. So you might need to do a bit of footwork to make the right choice depending on where you want to set up the sensor.

The transmission range is also worth considering. This simply means the distance between the sensor and the receiver. Some units have a remarkable transmission range of up to 100m to 150m; others only transmit within a couple tens of meters. So keep that in mind too when setting out to get the right motion sensor for your home.

What power source works best?

In most cases, the battery-powered sensors outdo their counterparts with ease of installation and almost similar performance. So if you don’t have hard wiring done on your house, then a battery-powered unit could be your best bet.

If hardwiring isn’t much of a headache for you, then you can think of checking out a wired sensor.

The good news is that these units don’t require much juice. Most of them will work with the batteries for hundreds if not thousands of hours.  Besides, you can decide on whether to go for sensors with rechargeable batteries or ones that use the AA and AAA batteries.

Other sensors are solar powered, which is a great thing if you want a sensor for the outdoors. The name pretty much says it all; these sensors come with a solar pack that powers the unit. The good thing about these units is their incredibly easy installation and use.

You never need to do any hard wiring, and you can still count on it even during power outage. As long as you are in an area with sufficient sunlight, then this can be a great option for you.  

Final thoughts

The purpose that motion sensor lights play is too apparent to overlook. You can install these gizmos virtually anywhere in your property. Whether it’s the barn, the driveway, the garage or within your house, they fit in pretty well almost anywhere.

With the alarming rate at which crime is increasing these days, it makes sense that securing your home is the best way to stay ahead of the bad guys. Are you considering adding that much-needed line of defense to your property?

Then a motion sensor light is definitely one of the most practical options that should come to mind. One thing to keep in mind is that you don’t have to overspend to get an ideal motion sensor for your home. The market has a hoard of high quality yet less costly options that you’ve got to check out.

Step out there and grab the one that best fits your needs. You might need it tonight or in ten years, but it’s best to have it and never need it.  

If you have any more questions about the motion sensor security lights, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below