While there are many steps people take to safeguard their home, how to secure your basement against burglars is an integral part of your overall home security. Securing the basement is often overlooked yet it’s every bit as essential as doors and windows, while you might think that your basement doesn’t necessarily need any securing, it turns out that this area is also very prone to break-in as any other room in your home.

You can always turn to a dozen of ways to secure your basement, but some might be costlier and more reliable, while others are easy, cheap, and you can actually do them yourself.

It seems you don’t have an excuse to keep your basement unsecured, and thankfully, here are some of the easiest tips that actually work wonders. So let’s get it on. 

Consider getting a solid door

One thing you might not have noticed is that home sellers usually use a hollow-core door on a property in a bid to maximize profits. So the first thing, and by far the most important one is to check whether the door to your basement is strong enough to keep intruders from gaining easy access.

If that’s not the case, then you should consider replacing it with a solid-core door to enhance the safety of your basement. You can also consider using a fiberglass door with a deadbolt and a reinforced strike plate for extra security.

The best thing about a top-quality is that it can take quite a beating and kicks from an intruder and frustrating them enough to leave. 

The locks should be solid as well

Now that you have a solid door on the entry to your basement, the next thing you need to do is enhance the locking system for ultimate security, which you should do for the windows as well. And what better way to guard your room than with a robust lock?

Well, you can choose from a wide range of options, including folding locks, hinged wedge locks, window latch locks, and key sash locks. The good thing about these locks is that they are easy to install you can actually do it yourself.

Different locks work best for different types of doors, so it’s important to keep that in mind too. For instance, a double cylinder deadbolt lock is ideal for glass doors, while a single-cylinder such lock would work better on a metal or wood door if your basement doesn’t have windows. 

Window and door security bars also help

Adding an additional layer of security for your basement is always a great step to making sure your valuables are safe. And one of the best ways you can do so is by using security bars and grilles on the windows, which are sure to make a burglar think twice before taking on your basement.

If there’s one thing that puts off any burglar, it’s having to struggle more than necessary to get into the property. This not only costs time, but it also increases their chances of being spotted. Such bars thus not only scare thieves off, but they are also sure to make things as hard as possible for anyone who’s stupid enough to take chances.

The best way to install these bars is to have them on the inside of your windows, so they don’t appear on the outdoors and interfere with the looks of your property. But if you want them on the outside, you can always opt for decorative security bars, which actually enhance the looks of your house.

What’s more, these bars come in a range of types, so you can always choose from swing-away bars, permanent bars or removable ones, depending on what works best for you.

You can also install such bars on the door to your basement, in which case the bars help ensure once closed, the door can’t be opened with ease from the outside. Even better, these bars are easy to install, you can do it the DIY way if you are a handyman, thus saving costs on the installation fee. 

Keep the area around the entry points visible

If there’s one thing that can draw a potential burglar to your property, it has to be hiding spots as bushes that can shield them from any passers-by. And this can’t be more convenient if these bushes are near the window, where the person can hide as they breach the window.

It’s thus important to keep the areas close to the entry points of the basement easily visible. One way is by clearing any bushes that can have grown around or near the windows or the door.

The other option is by keeping the outside area well lit to keep it easily visible at night. Outside lighting works great when it comes to securing just about any part of your property and the basement is no exception.

Consider getting position lights above or close to the door and windows, and most of all, ensure they are lit after nightfall. This gives any burglar passing by the idea that the basement is occupied, which can significantly decrease their possibility of trying to break in.

You could also opt for motion-detecting lights, which are not only going to light up the area if someone comes too close for comfort but can also startle an intruder, send him on the run, and signal you that someone is approaching the basement.

The other best type of lighting would be using light timers, especially if you usually get home late after work or when you are away on vacation. 

Installing security cameras

Besides the lights, security cameras, which are very effective, are the other technological approach that you can use to keep burglars away from your basement.

One thing to keep in mind is that most burglars would skip homes with security cameras for fear of being detected and or recognized. And what makes cameras even better is that you can learn a lot from the crime including details that could lead to arrests as well as identifying points of weakness on your home’s security.

So installing a security camera in front of the entrance into the basement could make a major difference in the long haul. 

Security alarms

While some burglars would shy away at the sight of a security camera, some are either damn stupid or just too adamant to be scared away by the thought of trying a home with such a security feature in place. But there’s another great way to deal with those few who just won’t let go of their urge to breach the security of your home, and a security alarm comes in handy.

Getting noticed is the last thing a burglar wants, which is why alarms are so effective at deterring them or sending them on the run since once it goes off, everyone in your home and the neighborhood will be on alert.

As such, if you have such systems as window and door sensors on the basement door and windows, you can bet that a burglar doesn’t stand a chance once the alarm goes off. Some units even have a function that you can program so that the system notifies a monitoring center or the authorities when triggered.

Cover it up to keep out prying eyes

If a burglar doesn’t have an idea what might be inside your basement, they wouldn’t be so enthusiastic to risk an intrusion. But if they can see the valuables inside, then it could them the urge to a break-in, which is why you should consider preventing anyone from peeping into your basement at all costs.

A simple solution such as window covers will get the job done, and these are perhaps the best way to go as they are both cheap and easy to use. Something as simple as an awning or an idle sheet could make a world of difference so make use of it.

Security films and screens also help

The other thing that you can turn to if you want to secure your basement window is a film or screen, which works great for those who don’t like the idea of using bars and grilles.

The good thing is that this solution works pretty much the same way, as it keeps the glass firm and solid even when a burglar tries to break in by smashing it. What’s more, these films also come in handy at times of natural disasters like hurricanes, which is a great relief to have one in place.

Valuables should stay out of sight

Keeping your windows and doors well out of prying eyes is one thing, but ensuring that your valuables are well locked and out of sight is perhaps the best you can do to keep them safe. In that case, even if you forgot to draw a window curtain, a burglar won’t see anything of value that they could perceive to be worth the struggle.

Make sure to keep your valuables away from the windows where someone could see them easily from the outside. It’s always best to stay safe.  

Final thoughts

Your basement is as important as any other part of the apartment, which means the necessity to secure it as well and keep burglars from gaining easy access. Many homeowners might think that the basement isn’t worth securing in cases where they haven’t stored any valuables in there.

However, keep in mind that someone could have an easier time getting into the rest of your house once they manage to get inside the basement. And if you happen to have some worthy valuables in the basement, then the stakes could be sky-high.

Not to worry, any or several of the ideas we’ve shared here should be enough to add an extra line of security to your abode, so consider going for it and live a bit safer. If you have any more questions about how to secure your basement against burglars I will be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.