Gates are always the first line of defense on your home and or business, which is why gate security locks go a long way to improving the overall security of your home. The market offers a wide range of solutions to ensure the security of your gate.

Even then, understanding what it takes to sleep easy knowing that your family and property are safe can still be a tricky undertaking. Fortunately, you still have a good number of ways that you can use to secure your home right from where it matters most.

If you are working on ensuring better safety for your loved ones and valuables, then you’ve come to the right page, read on to find out some of the most practical ways to enhance your gate’s security and some of the best equipment to get the job done.


Chances are, you’ve been using a padlock for your gates, and it’s no doubt that this is one of the most popular options. Unfortunately, it isn’t the most secure way to keep the bad guys out. If you are not keen enough to get a padlock that can stand up to the test, burglars might easily cut or compromised it as well as the chain that’s holding it.

Thankfully, padlocks aren’t the only option to locking your gate, since you can always turn to other alternatives as deadbolts, keyed latches, chain, levers, and keyless locks.

A few things to consider when choosing a gate lock

One thing you have to keep in mind is that failing to ensure reliable security of your gate keeps your entire home at risk. And finding the right lock that can get the job done and last you long enough depends on several factors.

Is it weather-resistant?

First things first, the issue of weather comes in as one of the most important things to consider since you will be using your gate’s lock in the outdoors.  Some homeowners might think an electronic door lock would work great on a gate, but that is a downright bad idea.

One thing about these locks is that only the part facing on the outside is weatherproof, the inside one isn’t which means it will be sure to fail in next to no time especially if you live in an area with extreme weather conditions.

Do you need a gate box?

It’s also worth mentioning that some gate locking products require a gate box installation in order to work well, the box is simply welded or secured to your gate, then you can count on it to secure the lock.

Such boxes are necessary when using normal door hardware for your gate as a doorknob, deadbolt or a lever as well as in the case of the keyless lock.  Some of the boxes even feature a piece of metal that acts as a stop function that will stop the gate in the right position as needed.

Is a gate closer necessary?

One more thing to keep an eye on is whether you will need to get a gate closer that can automatically lock the gate. In this case, you can get a pneumatic or spring closer among others, which you can install to make things even easier and more convenient for you.

How compatible is the gate

The other important thing you should factor in is how well the gate is likely to work with the lock. And this holds true in the case of older gates, so keep an eye out for that too. It’s thus wise to factor in which lock would be best for your gate before buying than buying and struggling to make it work.

Keyed, electronic or mechanical locks?

With the decision on whether to use a lockbox and the compatibility of your gate and different locks out of the way, now you can think about the best type of lock to go for.

Keyed locks

If you are shopping for a locking solution for your gate on a tight budget, then keyed locks will definitely be one of the options you need to keep a close eye on.  Another thing that makes these locks a go-to option is their ease of installation.

A tip to keep in mind here is that if you often misplace your gate key, it’s best to make sure that the keyway you use matches the one you use for your house. As such, you won’t necessarily need an extra key since you can always use the available house keys in times of need.

Mechanical locks

Mechanical locks are a great option, especially the keyless ones, which are great for flexibility and convenience. First, you won’t have to struggle with keeping track of any keys, since these locks use codes to open.

And while still at it, keep in mind that the codes also offer unprecedented flexibility, since you can change them if you ever have to.

The only little concern that you can get with these locks is that they could cost you a pretty penny. And if the gate requires some modifications to enable it to work well with these locks, the stakes could be sky-high.

Again, these locks enable the use of only one code, which by all standards should be sufficient. However, if you need a lock that offers a range of codes, then you will be better off with an electronic keyless one.

Electronic keyless locks

If you want nothing short of the best, or you are just a technology geek who loves to push the limits as far as sophisticated home security systems go, then these locks are what you need.

This type works most like the mechanical keyless ones, with only one exception, which is the several codes that you can get with the electronic ones, which isn’t possible with the mechanical type.

You will find this feature handy if you want a lock that you can use with family members and friends. The only catch is that these locks cost the most of all these three types.

Things to keep in mind

Just like is the case with any other home security component or system installation, locks also mean keeping a few things under the scope to ensure that you don’t get things wrong.

Securing chain link gates might be hard

One such thing that you can hardly avoid is the difficulty that comes with securing a commercial chain link gate. What makes this feat a challenging one to achieve is the galvanized metal that chain link fences are made of, which is virtually impossible to weld with a standard steel welder.

As such, you might need to talk to a pro about how to get things fixed this way. Remember, this is only difficult, not impossible, so you don’t have to throw your hopes of using a chain link fence and gate out the window.

Welding might be inevitable

The other thing you can’t afford to overlook is the reality that you will have to cut a portion of the gate to accommodate the gate box if you will be using one. Then the box should be welded into the gate, so if you are not good at welding, then it’s best to let someone do the job.

Preventing any potential reach around

While still at it, you will need to determine whether the gate’s current construction is secure enough, or someone could gain access by simply reaching over or through the gate and open the lock from the inside.

If this is the case, then you might need to weld a piece of mesh to cover the gate’s slots, while you can prevent reaching over by increasing the gate’s height or adding a piece of metal to cover the lever.

Final Thoughts

All said and done, one thing remains for sure, securing your gate is of importance to the overall security of your home. And while a few tweaks could help add much-needed security to your gate, keep in mind that these changes are going to cost you money.

However, this can be a small price to pay considering the value of the things you have in your home, not to mention the invaluable safety of your family. Fortunately enough, nevertheless, you don’t have to spend an arm to add an ideal lock to your gate, as you can find a wide range of affordable quality ones on the market.

So make sure to take this responsible step to ensure a safer gate, and if you don’t have one in place yet, then the time to have it installed is now.

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