Your garage door is as important as any other main entry into your home, so these garage door opener reviews will assist you in making sure you choose the correct one and have it perform at its best, this will go the distance to properly securing your property to deliver to you the easiest operation possible.

But there’s a catch, finding that ideal garage door opener is not as easy as it might come across. And settling for a cheap, flimsy one is not something any responsible homeowner would want to do, such openers could come with a wide range of inconveniences.

The worst of these inconveniences is it being easy for anyone to compromise, especially if it is someone with the intention of gaining access into your garage or house or both. So if you are on the hunt for that ideal garage door opener (which is most probably, why you’re here) then you’ve come to the right page.

Keep reading to the end to find out what to look for when shopping for these openers as well as some of the top-quality options out there. Seems we’ve got a whole lot to do, so let’s get started right away.


Garage door opener buying guide

Finding the right opener for your garage door takes a lot more than just stepping out there and grabbing the first one you come across. You have to look out for several features and factors that truly count when it comes to its performance. Here are a few such considerations.

Battery backup

Your garage door shouldn’t necessarily stop functioning at times of power outages, which can be as inconvenient as it is insecure. And while you might not have any control over the power, you can at least have the ultimate control over the functioning of your opener in such situations.

In this case, a battery backup could prove to be very helpful as it ensures that your opener continues to operate as normal even in the event of a power outage.

Keep in mind, however, that this will mean a reduced number of times that you can operate the garage door if you want to extend the use of your battery power in case the power outage extends longer than expected. With the power restored, the backup will charge to be ready for any future use.

Check for a manual release function

Sometimes your battery backup might not last as long as the power outage lasts, and it too gives and now you need another trick. This is where garage door manual release comes into play.

This function works by simply letting you disconnect the opener from the door itself, so you can shift to opening your garage manually.

One thing for sure is that these doors can be heavy, but if you have it fitted with a spring system, it will be easier to open, and as such systems offer a much-needed counter-balance.

This feature has two main functions; you will use it during power outages, but it also helps when you want to check whether the door to your garage is well balanced.

But there’s a catch, a serious one indeed. Burglars can take advantage of this function to unlock your garage door, using a simple a hook or a wire to pill the release from under the door.

They can then lift the gate and in they come. For this reason, you might need to get a manual release shield to keep your garage safe.

Automatic reverse function

As convenient and reliable a garage door opener can be, if it doesn’t operate properly or include sophisticated safety features, getting it could turn out to be the worst decision you ever made.

Without this important feature, your garage door can be unsafe for you and anyone else who uses. And it could even cause damage that might cost you money.  The auto-reversing feature simply switches the direction of the door if it comes across any obstruction in its path.

This includes either electronic sensor at the base of your garage door that reverses the direction of the closing door if they sense anything in its way. Then there are photoelectric eyes installed at the end of the garage door, which sense an obstruction ahead of the door.

Some even feature an auto close that takes a whole if you forgot to press the close button when leaving, which can easily happen when rushing to work.

Rolling code tech

Having a secure garage door is inevitable unless you want to put the safety of your entire home at stake. There have been reports of intruders using kids’ toys to hack some openers, which can be bad news for any homeowner.

That’s where you will need this technology to outsmart the burglars. With the rolling code tech, whenever you press your remote, the remote and the garage door opener create a new and random code.

And since there are more than a million possible such codes, hacking the system becomes impossible.

The power counts too

Most people don’t factor in the amount of power any garage door opener before making their decision. It’s quite simple; you need to get a garage door opener with horsepower that matches your needs.

If the opener packs in too much power for the job, then it will only be sucking up more power, which is inefficient when it comes to power consumption.

The lack of enough horsepower, on the other end, means the unit won’t perform as intended or it will have to overwork, which means fast wear and tear. Besides, such an opener could pose safety risks, as it could mean that opening or closing your door becomes unsteady.

Security lights are crucial too

Most garage door opener units come with this feature, but it’s always best to make sure you check to ascertain that it’s actually there. This proves crucial when walking in the garage, as it reduces the risk of injury especially if your garage is full of different obstacles, so finding your way to the light switch at night could be challenging and hazardous.

Some of these openers even have a motion sensing light, which can be very handy at deterring intruders, especially with the newer models. This will activate the light when someone steps into the garage, which could startle and scare away a burglar.

The controls options

These openers work with different types of controls depending on the one you go for. Some work with phone controls, remote controls, and voice controls. So you can always check to ensure you go for the one that best suits your needs.

It’s also ideal to check and ensure that the opener has enough controls that you can use at once so all the garage users will be able to access it with ease.

Installing garage door in new brick house

Top 5 Garage door openers

1. Chamberlain Group B730 Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener

To start our top 5 list is a ceiling mount

with high-efficiency and quiet operation. But these are just some of the things this unit does best; it also comes with a wide range of other exciting features worth checking out too.

Durability and performance are the two things that truly count when it comes to these units. Getting any of these wrong when choosing your garage door opener could mean either going back to the market sooner than necessary or a complete waste of money altogether.

One of the impressive features in this opener is the high-grade materials it’s made of, which mean it is one of the most reliable options as far as performance goes. These include a steel-reinforced belt drive that is super quiet (thanks to an anti-vibration technology) when in use and sure to last you for years.

If the garage door opener you go for is built to continue operating even when there’s a power outage, then go for it. Also, the issue of compatibility matters as not most such openers work well with different types of garage doors.

These are some of the things the Chamberlain B730 does best, as it comes with a battery backup that you can count on in case of a power outage. Besides, since it works with a wide array of garage door types, you can count on it even later on if you decide to replace your garage door.

The installation is also keeping in mind when shopping for a garage door opener for your garage door, and this holds true if you are doing it the DIY way. That’s where this unit’s super easy installation comes in handy. You will love the snap-lock rail system, pre-programmed remotes, and enough installation videos online to direct you all through.

The lifting force counts too, and it’s one of those things you don’t want to get wrong with your garage door opener decision. Well, the one on this unit goes above and beyond when it comes to giving you the best. The Chamberlain’s PLUS Lift Power System offers a top-of-the-line lifting force for a smooth yet heavy-duty performance.

Then the range also matters, a whole lot. With the Chamberlain B730, you get two 3-button remote controls so you can control up to three openers. It also comes with an Exclusive Triband tech, which enhances the range of your remotes up to 1,500 feet, giving you fast entry and exit.

Other impressive features this opener comes with include a posilock protection that prevents forced entry, a wall controller with multi-functional performance and wireless keypad. And you can operate it remotely from your Smartphone.

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2. Genie 4042-TKH Chain Garage Door Opener

For ultra-quiet operation, you will need to check out this garage door opener. But that’s not the only thing that enables it to secure the second place on this list, as it also packs in a wide range of other impressive features too.

Let’s start off with the heavyweight performance of this opener, which comes down to the screw belt design that it uses, giving it the ability to lift up to 500 pounds all the way to 8 feet high using just ¾ of its horsepower, so it’s never overworked.

Safety is the other factor you have to consider in these openers, and this one does a pretty awesome job at that. And it’s all thanks to its diagnostic technology alert that lets you know if there’s any malfunction in the system that needs maintenance.

Besides, when you are away on vacation, you can count on it to keep your garage secure. With a no-open security feature that provides you with a One Time Password when anyone tries opening it. This ensures to ascertain it’s not an intruder who’s trying to gain entry into your garage.

Another essential safety feature is the sensors for an auto-reverse feature that switches the door’s direction in the case it encounters any obstruction in the door. The 140V DC motor is also every bit as important, as it packs in enough power to get the job done with an ultra-quiet performance as well as a smooth operation.

You’ll also love the ideal lighting system that also adds to the safety features that this unit comes with. This includes a 2-bulb system that you can use with two 100-watt bulbs as well as an innovative powerhead design that detects motion and lights up the garage to reveal anyone that shouldn’t be there.

A multi-functional wall console with a vacation lock as well as a button for controlling the lighting, a DIY guide, excellent warranty, and up to 3-button remotes are among the other features you’ll get with this garage door opener.

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3. SOMMER 1052V000 Direct Drive Garage Door Opener

Lift up to 7ft or 8ft garage doors with this heavy-duty garage door opener. It has just about anything you need to take your garage door opening experience to a whole new level.

It all starts with anti-vibratory design, thanks to the Secure Rolling Code Technology that helps eliminate any impacts that vibrating garage door might have on your house walls or ceiling.

With this tech onboard, the system has only a single moving part where the motor glides along. It also enables the motor to be held in the middle ensuring a reverse function, which is necessary for safety.

You also get internal wall-mounted station and two 2-button transmitters, and an HP motor with ultimate performance. Not forgetting it’s also Home Link compatible and you get a lifetime warranty for a worry-free purchase.

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4. LiftMaster 1355 Contractor Series AC Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

Here’s yet another heavy-duty unit that’s sure to transform the way you open your garage door performance. The super robust ½ horsepower is not the only outstanding feature in this opener, as it also has a whole lot more to offer.

The ability to connect and control your garage door right from your mobile is one of the most remarkable things this opener offers. And it all boils down to the Wi-Fi that is incorporated into the system.

The other outstanding this opener boasts is an invisible laser beam that reverses the garage door automatically if it senses any obstruction in the door’s way. This goes a long way to helping avoid any damages to the garage door itself, other personal effects or injury to you or anyone else.

Also, this opener always sends a One Time Password on your phone to enable you to verify and authorize opening it whenever someone presses its remote control. This comes in as one of the most essential security features it offers.

Energy efficiency is the other essential consideration to make when deciding which garage door opener to go for. With the ability to use up to 75% less power thanks to the standby power saver mode, you can be sure your power bills won’t be sky high especially you don’t use it all the time.

The set up is as easy as it can ever get, especially if you are installing the system yourself. And you can make the most of a number of control options depending on what works best for your needs, including a geofencing feature as well as voice control.


An auto-force adjustment feature helps ensure your gate operates smoothly and efficiently despite changes due to contractions caused by weather or building expansions that might pose more weight for the unit.

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5. 8500 LiftMaster 2-Pack garage Door Opener

LiftMaster has yet another nifty opener that will definitely stop you right on your tracks right from the first glance.

Among the wide range of the exciting features that this garage door opener packs in is the robust 24V DC motor. This has more than enough torque to take on heavy-duty garage doors. Besides, it’s also great at ensuring an ultra-quiet operation, and best of all, you can always set it at various speeds depending on your needs.

The installation is super easy, as this unit is wall mounted, so you won’t need any rails for hanging your door on. Then an auto lubrication function ensures a continuous smooth operation as well as preventing fast wear and tear.

It also does a great job at constantly monitoring expansions that might result from changes in environment temperature. Besides, it also ensures constant monitoring of the door track movement and floor height as well as helping with auto-adjustment to ensure smooth operation when opening or closing the door.

An auto-reversing function also helps ensure the door can stop halfway or reverse all the way thanks to an invisible light beam that it projects beneath the door to detect any person or object. This proves efficient at preventing any damage or injury that might result from personal effects or anyone being the door as it closes.

You can also use this unit to program security codes electronically on the control panel or the powerhead depending on your preference. Besides, it has a 6-foot power cord that you can connect in outlets that are a distance from the garage door.

Besides, it also offers a remote light with up to 200 watts, which also offers an adjustable time delay. What’s more, you will also be able to find out if any component needs maintenance as the unit has several convenient indicators.

For outstanding security, this opener alerts you with a One Time Password whenever the remote is pressed, which lets you make sure you are opening the garage to yourself or an authorized person. In addition, if you happen to forget to close your garage, this opener has an automatic close function that closes it for you, thus preventing unwanted entry.

Intruders cannot force your garage door open, as the opener has an automatic door deadbolt that unlocks or locks once the garage door is open or locked. This makes it very secure for keeping your garage locked. Moreover, if there’s a power outage, you still don’t have any reason to panic, as there’s also a power release button that you are sure to find handy.

Most importantly, you can get up to a 5-year warranty on the parts, and up to a lifetime warranty on the motor, so you can buy without any concerns at all. Cool, isn’t it?

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Final Thoughts

Securing your garage shouldn’t be an overwhelming task since all it takes is having the right door for the job. But having the perfect door is one thing, opening and closing it with ease is quite a whole different story. And that’s where these impressive garage door systems come into play.

With so many of them out there, finding the ideal one could have been a daunting feat, but now that we’ve got everything laid right in front of you all it takes now is decide which works best for your needs, and simply go for it.

Which of these openers do you think will make the best upgrade for your old one? Go ahead and grab it, make opening and closing of your garage door opener easy and fun again.

If you have any questions about garage door openers, leave me a comment below.