Whether you live in a safe neighborhood or an area where you should never let your guard down, it’s difficult to tell when someone might kick in through your front door; but such additional security as this Defender Secure Nickel door reinforcement lock could save the day.

Although burglars can be a bit creative and figure out many ways to get into your property, some decide to use brute force and kick their way in through the door.

Having a strong door could make a significant difference, but there’s no harm in adding a layer of security to your door. And what better way to go about this than with a door reinforcement lock.

These locks make your door strong enough that any intruder bold enough to try kicking it in will definitely have a really hard time, and most often, walk away empty-handed, and very frustrated.

If you are considering enhancing your home’s security set up, then door reinforcement is a great idea, but does this one fit the bill?

Stick around to find out.

The Key Features

 It can take quite a beating

The thought of someone kicking on your front door at the dead of the night can be a bit unnerving, but with the right lock in place, you can have confidence that it will take a lot of trying before they can make their way in, perhaps long enough for you to dial 911 if necessary.

Well, that’s pretty much what this lock is built to do. With the ability to stand up to 800 lbs of force, you can count a lock on when it comes to keeping your family safe and having peace of mind.

Works with different doors

Versatility is one of those things you need to be keen on when shopping for a door reinforcement lock such as this one.

And in that case, too, this lock doesn’t disappoint, as it can work with doors of virtually any thickness, as long as it’s a swing-in door. The lock ensures that someone can’t open the door from the outside, so you can feel safer on the inside with it in place.

The installation can’t be easier

The ease of installation is one thing that usually stands in the way of most homeowners’ efforts to adding home security units to their property. Yeah, not everyone is a tech junkie, and some of the units out there can be a pain to install.

Fortunately, this lock is not difficult to install, despite the great job that it does once in place. And it’s all thanks to the simple design and 3 inches hardened screws that it comes with that make the installation effortless.

All you need to do is simply screw it into place and you’re all set.

It’s child-safe

Since this lock can be opened from the inside, the concern of kids tampering with it is always very real. And the last you want is to live in false security thinking that your lock is secure, only to wake up and find that it wasn’t locked.

Not to worry, this one has a spring-loaded design that makes it tamper-resistant and child-safe, to ensure that you won’t have to worry about your curious kids opening it without your knowledge.

Install it at any height

It’s possible that you are asking yourself, “What if I have a door with a glass panel at the top?” We understand this would make it easier for burglars to break the glass, then reach in and unlock your door.

Don’t panic just yet, you can install this lock as low or as high as you want on the door, it all comes down to your preference. If you have a glass window at the top, you can consider installing it lower where it would be difficult to reach from the outside.

If you have kids around, then it’s best to install it higher where it will be difficult for them to reach and tamper with it.

Made of tough material

Speaking of the tough performance of this lock, it’s worth mentioning that it’s all thanks to the material that it is made of, which makes it strong enough to withstand a lot of force.

Made of a tough extruded aluminum, you can count on for the safety of your property and family a robust unit. Besides, it is also built to last, as this material and the satin anodized finish on this lock doesn’t rust easily.

Low cost, high performance

The price is that one factor you definitely need to be on the lookout for before pushing that buy button. And while most options out there might need you to dig deep into your pocket, the good thing about this lock is that you can get it at a considerably low cost, but without sacrificing the performance.

Going for well less than $10 it is definitely one of the most affordable units out there in its tier that really does make a great difference as far as enhancing the safety of your home goes.

A Few Tips

To get the installation right, make sure to drill about 1/8 inch holes, and then use a Phillips screwdriver for the job.

Once you have this lock in place, be careful not to lock other family members out of the house, as it cannot be opened from the outside.


It’s a solid lock, capable of withstanding up to 800lbs of force.

Easy to install and use.

It doesn’t cost much considering the high performance.

Made of tough material, it’s not only robust but very durable as well.


The only downside to this lock is that you have to be inside the house to be able to lock it.

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My Overall Opinion

It’s clear that this lock has a good number of great features that will make your house more secure once you have it in place. And that’s not all it has going for it, as it also proves to be a breeze to install, and it’s truly built to take some good hard beating without giving way for an intruder.

If you are planning to secure your front, back or any other door in the house, then this lock might be just the one addition you need.

Go ahead and try it, you’ll be glad you had it in place if anyone comes kicking at your door.