There only a few gate openers that are as efficient and fun to use as the CO-Z Automatic Sliding Gate Opener, which is why this opener turns out to be one of the most popular options on the market today.

One thing about gate openers is that if you can find a good one, then you can count yourself lucky.  However, if you go cheap and get a piece of junk, then you could be in for serious frustration and waste of money.

These units need to be powerful, durable, and most of all, deliver a remarkable performance. Not forgetting, if it’s easy to install, then that’s a big plus that you shouldn’t overlook too.

This can be hard to tell right off the bat, especially if you don’t have sufficient understanding of how these units work. That’s why we took the time to search around and bring you one of the best.

Shopping for a gate opener? You are right where you need to be, so stick around to learn the ins and outs of this gate as well as why it makes a great option for every homeowner.

The Key Features

More than sufficient power

First things first, when hunting for this type of gate openers, the power is the last thing you want to get wrong. This feature lies at the heart of the entire units operation and determines the level of performance you can expect to get out of it.

The manufacturer of this particular one understands this necessity too well, which is why they went an extra mile to ensure that this unit packs enough punch to make opening and closing of your gate a piece of cake. With the robust 200 W DC motor, it is capable of handling the weight of up to 1,400 lb tops, enough to take care of most standard and slightly large gates alike.

Strong material

When it comes to the material, you have to be very keen on choosing your ideal gate opener. One thing to factor in here is that you will be using the unit in the outdoors, so it makes sense to have one built with materials that can outlast the outdoors.

And true to their word, CO-Z has equipped this unit with material that ensures you will be using it a decade down the line. The stainless steel material it’s made of is common in most outdoor units, as it is resistant to weather and rust, so it doesn’t wear as fast as most other materials.

Talking of the material, you can’t afford to miss the aluminum base and copper worm gear that this unit features too, which give it outstanding durability. If your looking for a comparison opener check out our post on the Mighty Mule

Very convenient auto function

Nothing quite compares to the comfort of simply sitting in your car as your gate glides out of the way. And you will agree that not most people like the idea of having to get out of the car to open or close the gate, especially during rainy days.

And there’s an even more significant benefit to staying in the car, which is your safety. Remember, most criminals would only take the opportunity and strike once you step out of the car since you can’t speed away in time.

That is where the automatic feature of this unit comes into play, enabling you to operate the gate without ever having to touch it.

Auto-close function

Having the comfort of entering the driveway without leaving your car is downright cool. But what if you can add the efficiency of letting the gate close itself? This couldn’t prove handier than when you need the gate to close after a few seconds if you forget to close it.

In this case, the auto-close feature is your best friend, as it allows you to set the gate to close after 12, 24, or after 36 seconds. It’s all a matter of choice here, but it all comes down to one thing; you will never have to run the risk of leaving your driveway exposed to burglars in the morning rush.

Works with several remotes

If you have family members, who are using the gate often when you are not at home, things could become quite complicated in case the gate opener you are using can work with only one remote.

Not to worry, at least that should be the last thing to be concerned about with a unit that enables you to add up to 23 remote controls to the system like this one. From family members to your closest friends, no one will ever have to wait by the gate.

Long remote range

Being able to match your gate with a large number of remotes is one thing, but the remote range is a completely different story altogether. With that said, let’s look at some of the other things that this unit’s remotes can do.

First, you will be able of operating your gate hassle-free from up to 100-ft, which is enough to enable you to open the gate even before leaving your driveway. What’s more, the remotes have simple but all the necessary buttons, so using them doesn’t take any time to learn. These include an open, close, stop open and stop close buttons, all which will be handy for different occasions.

The Top Benefits

Safety always comes first as far as home security units go, and this one built to offer you the safest use possible. It’s no wonder that it boasts a CE approval for safety, as well as an RF Hopping Code Technology that ensures your remote code can’t be accessible by anyone else.

Quiet operation is among the things most people would be looking for in any motor-operated unit, and thankfully, this unit doesn’t disappoint when it comes to offering quiet, smooth operation since it produces as little noise as less than 56dB.

The speed is also quite remarkable despite this opener ensuring quiet and smooth operation. With the ability to achieve speeds of up to 43 ft per minute, it’s fast enough to ensure you never have to wait forever for your gate to open.

With a maximum sliding length of up to 40 ft, you can bet that this opener has what it takes to cater to some wide gates, and it’s all thanks to the 20ft long chain. And with a motor speed of up to 55 RPM, this unit is considerably fast enough.

You can install a keypad to operate the gate using a password or open it manually with a key if you happen to misplace the remotes, which is a great way to ensure you are always able to leave and enter with ease.

A pedestrian mode is yet another function you can enjoy with this gate opener, all you will need is to get a red light sensor that will help detect any objects in the gate’s way and the unit will stop it automatically.

Versatility is the other thing you’ll go out of your way to love about this unit. Besides supporting a wide range of remotes, you can also upgrade it with several compatible accessories as a solar power recharge and functions as emergency notifications.

If you love going the DIY, then this one’s for you. With the impressive performance that it offers and a wide range of functions, you would expect it to be difficult to install. However, the opposite is the case, since installation is so easy most people can do it themselves.

A Few Tips

  • One thing to keep an eye on is to ensure you install the unit on an even ground to ensure that it works better and not overwork the unit.
  • Also, ensure that the rails are always free from any debris if you want to achieve a smooth operation of your gate.
  • Again, make sure to oil the chain occasionally to keep it running smoothly.


  1. The rust-resistant stainless steel material is sure to last you for long.
  2. Its powerful motor delivers enough power to make opening and closing your gate easy and quick.
  3. The auto-close feature could save the day if you forget to close the gate yourself.
  4. With the ability to use up to 25 remote controls everyone in the family should be able to enter and leave with ease.
  5. A smooth, quiet operation is also worth mentioning.
  6. Easy to install, and comes with instructions that you can understand easily.
  7. And the 100ft remote range is enough so you never have to wait at the gate.


  1. Calibrating its magnets during installation can be a bit of a challenge since they look identical.


Final thoughts

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Like we said before, this gate opener proves to be one of a kind, thanks to its outstanding performance and eases of use. What’s more, the versatility will blow you away, especially when it comes to the remote controls. And that’s not all yet; this unit has many aces up its sleeve that make operating your gate as easy as it can be fun.

So if you are looking for that ideal gate opener to upgrade the one you’ve been using for years or if you want to start experiencing the convenience that comes with these units, then this one’s worth a hard look. Also, another good resource to check out is the Mighty Mule gate opener.

Go ahead and check it out, and don’t forget to come back and let us know if you love it in the comment section below. If you have any questions about this unit, make sure to leave us a comment as well.