Whether you’re thinking of getting a new home security system for your property or upgrading that decade-old one, cameras always top the list when it comes to picking the most essential components, and full color night vision cameras are hands down some of the best.

And this is for all the good reasons, as these units help keep an eye on your home even when you are half the globe away. But with the advance in technology, home security cameras have become better over the years.

You don’t have to rely on daylight for your camera to work. With the IR function, these cameras have been able to be on the lookout 24/7. But there’s more; some cameras are now coming onto the market and turning night vision, as we know it on its head.

These units are giving you a better, clearer, night vision as never seen before. So, what’s in it for you, and how do you pick the best one?

These units are giving you a better, clearer, night vision as never seen before. So, what’s in it for you, and how do you pick the best one?

Read on to find out!

How do these systems work?

The first step to making the most out of a color night vision camera is to understand how it works. It’s simple, these units have highly sensitive light sensors, so, just like most nocturnal animals, and they tend to absorb more of the visible light in dark conditions.

This allows the camera to capture color images or videos in dim-lit areas where conventional cameras would switch to black and white night vision mode. However, it’s important to mention that a bit of ambient light such as streetlights or porch light is important to help the camera capture color footage. Otherwise, most of these units are designed to switch to normal night mode in pitch-dark nights.

Are these cameras better than “black and white” ones?

When it comes to choosing between a colored and a black and white night vision unit, there’s no a “right” or “wrong” decision, it’s all about what works best for you. Also, the budget matters, if you are a bit tight on budget, then a black and white one should be your best bet since these ones are usually on the cheap side.

However, if you don’t mind fronting that extra cost for a camera that offers better footage and image quality, then a colored one should make the cut. It all comes down to what you need.

What to look for when buying

There’s a long list of features that sets these cameras apart, but when making the decision for the camera you want, it’s important to be very careful to get one you can count on.

Here’s a rundown of the things you need to be keen on before putting your money on the line.

Image quality

It’s the one thing we all look for in a camera and has been so since the dawn of the industry. And since the image quality gets better over time, it’s nice to get the best out there.

Full-color night vision cameras have better contrast effects even in considerably low-light conditions, giving you more details that allow you to identify the people or objects on the footage.

But the best part is that since these cameras can also capture images and videos in black and white as well, you can bet that you won’t be missing a thing.

If you’re wondering how well these units fare when it comes to their black and white footage, you can rest assured that it is better than the quality you’ll get with the full-color coverage if conditions are too dark.

Long-range capabilities

Let’s face it, we all want to see as far as possible in the dark, perhaps to see if there are any creepy creatures lurking somewhere, out there?

Anyway, let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of full color vs. black and white cameras on this one. And to disappoint you a bit here, you should know that black and white cameras tend to have a longer range than the color ones.

A bummer? Perhaps, but the choice is all yours!

Storage space

With the footage captured, the next important consideration is where and how to store it, safely of course. It’s worth keeping in mind that full-color night vision footage is going to have more elements compared to a black and white one.

And this means occupying more space. Thus, it’s essential that you factor this in when choosing the right camera for your home, depending on how much space it comes with.


Next up is the issue of price, and you can bet color night vision units would cost a little more than the others can. But for the high image clarity, the cost is definitely worth it, not to mention that you could also find some reasonably priced options out there.


While this is not common in most cameras on the market, it is a great addition to any unit. It helps remove image noise, and not just for the nighttime, but for daytime footage as well.

With this tech on board, you should be getting a better deal for the money, so yeah, keep an eye out for that as well.

The resolution

When it comes to resolution, color night vision units outshine their black and white counterparts by far. Some of these cameras deliver up to 1080p resolution and more.

The higher the resolution gets, the clearer the footage, and the more detailed it would be, making it easier to identify faces, license plates, and other key details about people or objects.

IR range

An Infra-Red range means the distance that the camera is capable of covering at night. Some cameras are capable of seeing further than others, but anything within 30 feet or more is a good bang for the dollar. And some units really push the limits on this one, with the ability to see as far as 190 feet.


Considering installing your camera in the outdoors? Then you need to ensure it can withstand the rough conditions that mother nature might throw its way.

Thankfully, some units are designed to withstand the wet, hot, cold, and even freezing outdoor conditions. The best idea here is to zero in on any unit with an IP code of about IP65 or higher.

IR cut filter

This feature helps a color night vision camera deliver a true color reproduction to offer you a high-quality image both day and night.

It might not affect the price significantly, but it would really make a difference as far as performance goes. So seize the chance if you come across a unit with this feature, you’ll love it.

Field of view

Also known as the FOV, this denotes the angle at which the camera can cover. A camera with a wide field of view is capable of covering a wider area, which is great at minimizing issues of dead spots.

However, if you have a large area you want to secure, then it’s best to install several cameras so that you won’t miss any bit.

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

A wide dynamic range, in essence, means the camera’s ability to balance light so as to deliver improved images as well as videos.

Cameras with this function make a great pick for high-contrast lighting areas and give you a better view of what’s going on, enabling you to see the details of the footage more clearly.

Where to install a color night vision camera

Once you’ve finally settled on your camera of choice, it is important to consider where you are going to place it. No matter how good a camera is, installing it in the wrong place could make no difference, as you might end up not making the most out of its performance.

Indoors installation: Make sure not to place your camera behind glass or window, as this would easily lead to blurry and washed-out images.

Also, keep in mind that the red glow that night vision cameras emit might scare kids at night, so be keen on installing any unit with this glow in the kids’ room.

It’s best to get a camera that allows you to turn off the IR light, and there’s a good number of them out there.

Outdoors installation: As we’ve mentioned above, the first thing to be keen on when it comes to outdoor cameras is the weatherproof capabilities. A protective skin or housing could also go a long way to helping your camera brave the unforgiving conditions of the outdoors.

Another thing you need to be keen on is how well the camera blends with its surroundings, especially if you intend on using it as a hidden CCTV camera. This could also be helpful in preventing vandalism and theft of your unit.

Make your choice!

All said and done, it’s time to dive into some of the top cameras on the market

Arlo Pro 3 – Home Security Camera System | Wire-Free 2K Video with HDR, Color Night VisionPros

Easy installation thanks to the wireless design

Awesome video quality with a zoom function

Enhanced night vision can record in color or black and white

A versatile, weather-resistant camera that you can install indoors or outdoors

Wide field of view allows you to cover a wide area


The only problem is that you have to remove the local storage from the base station and view it on a computer.

Top on our list is a camera that not only comes with a remarkable color night vision capability, but it also packs in a whole lot of great features too.

The first, and by far the most exciting feature we loved in this unit is the weather-resistant design, which makes it a great camera for outdoor and indoor installation alike.

Speaking of which, thanks to the wireless design of this camera, the installation is super easy and fast. Since it has magnetic mounts, you can easily attach it where you need it.

Its performance is just as impressive, with the high video quality capabilities of this camera. Its 2K resolution with HDR makes it worth the money as far as getting clear visuals goes.

But it doesn’t leave it at that; this unit also has a zoom-in function that allows you to get up-close images of the most important bits such as the face or license plates.

When it comes to night vision, this unit does an awesome job of letting you see what is lurking in the dark, thanks to its color night vision.

And that’s not all, in extremely dark conditions, it turns on a black and white night vision function, which is clearer in the pitch dark. However, it also has an integrated spotlight that lights up the area, helping ward off any intruder.

With a 160-degree field of view, you can cover a wide area with just one camera, which is great at helping save money.

It’s also a very versatile camera with the ability to work with Alexa, Amazon, and even Apple Homekit. And storage is the last thing you’ll have to worry about, as Arlo offers up to 30-day cloud storage.

The other thing you need to be keen on is the battery, in which case Arlo ensures this camera comes with a robust battery capable of lasting you for months on a single charge.

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Lorex LNK71082T85B 8-Channel 4K 2TB PoE NVR with 8 5-Megapixel Color Night Vision


It can operate in freezing temperatures up to minus 20 F

Great design to help protect the connection from moisture

Impressive night vision with high clarity images and video

Motion detection and alerts that keep you on the know

High-resolution coverage as well as an audio recording


Issues with the unit and app disconnections, which can be somewhat inconvenient

Second, on our list is another camera with awesome color night vision that truly does get the job done when it comes to securing your property after nightfall.

Let’s start off with the performance, which is where this camera’s resolution comes into play. With an incredible 5MP HD resolution, this unit, like most others in this list, put the 1080P resolution cameras to shame. But the thing here is that it allows you to see the most important details clearly for identification.

It also has built-in microphones that allow you to record listen-in audio, which is not a feature you’ll find with most cameras out there. This helps you get a better idea of what anyone in the footage was up to, which could make a lot of difference.

It’s also a long-range unit, with the ability to record objects as far out as up to 130 feet in ambient nighttime lighting conditions. And that’s not all; it also packs in up to 90 feet of Smart Infra-Red black and white coverage, which takes over in case of pitch-dark conditions.

Motion alert and remote viewing are the other functions that make this camera really worth the money, as it allows you to keep an eye on the events that matter.

With a wide 101-degree FOV, and the strikingly high resolution, you not only get wide coverage of your property, but you also get everything in clear detail.

What’s more, it also boasts a video compression function, which helps conserve bandwidth and cuts your storage space needs by an impressive 50% without compromising the performance.

Speaking of storage, you’ll definitely fall in love with the whopping 2TB storage that this camera comes with, and it has a complete duty cycle hard drive so you should never run out of space.

A weatherproof construction makes it a perfect choice for indoor or outdoor installation, thanks to its ability to withstand temperatures as low as minus 22 degrees F. A twist-lock connector on this camera does a great job of protecting the connection from moisture.

However, it is important to note that this camera is waterproof enough to withstand rain and not being submerged in water.

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LaView 8 Channel 5MP Business and Home Security Cameras System


More than enough storage space for your footage

Choose between traditional and full-color night vision

File compression tech helps maximize space

Super high resolution for clear details

Motion detection alerts and reliable mobile app


The coverage distance could be longer

Issues with some of the cameras breaking down a bit too quickly

Next up is a camera that packs a hoard of great features that are sure to take your home or business surveillance to the next level.

First, the high definition 5-megapixel resolution on this unit delivers clarity you’d hardly find on most other cameras out there. If you really want to get amazingly clear pictures, this is the camera to go for.

And the storage is also excellent, as you have up to 2TB of HDD space that comes with the unit, allowing you to keep that important record.

The 8-channel design of this camera also makes it really worth the money, allowing you to cover a large part, if not your entire property.

Its night vision capabilities also come into play when it comes to securing your home. Besides the stunning clarity of images, this camera is able of recording up to 65 feet in either full color or black and white, thanks to its robust infrared night vision.

As far as weatherproof design goes, you can’t go wrong with this unit’s IP67 construction, which makes it tough enough to withstand just about any weather.

With the ability to take on a wide temperature range from minus 40 degrees F to 140 degrees F and anything in between, you can install it indoors or outdoors without any concerns.

Another feature that’s hard to overlook is the motion detection, which allows you to stay on top of everything thanks to push notifications that this unit sends directly to your mobile’s LaView app. Thus, you can see the live footage of what’s happening in real-time or review the recordings later on.

With its H.265+ file compression tech, this unit allows you to maximize its already mammoth storage space, so this should never be your concern.

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Final Thoughts

With these and other great full color night vision cameras, getting the right one doesn’t have to be a challenge. Now that you understand how these cameras work and what to look for in one, making the right choice just got even easier.

It’s time to add that extra line of defense on your home, and what better way to do that than with a camera that keeps an eye out 24/7. Go ahead and pick the perfect camera for your home, albeit their high price tag, they deliver the value for every penny.

And it doesn’t hurt to dig deeper into your pocket and get the value you pay for.