So you’ve been thinking of beefing up security both outdoors and indoors, well, then Arlo Wireless Home Security Camera Systems Review is one of the top articles you should be looking at, but why this particular one you ask.

We understand that there are many options to choose from out there. But although the diversity enables you to find some great picks for your home security needs, there’s a downside to it. Let’s face it; you can easily lose focus in the murky waters of the online market, especially with all the options at your disposal.

And if you are new to these systems, then making the right decision could prove to be anything but a complicated and overwhelming feat. Not to worry though, if you are out to get that perfect addition to your home security installation, then you’ve come to the right place.

We are not going to get into the technical stuff, but for anyone shopping for a camera to install in their home, you can count on this article to help you understand the ins and outs of this particular one.

And we can promise you this, it comes with a heap of features that you are going to love, and perhaps a few downsides that you may have to work your way around.

Without much ado, let’s get started, shall we?


 The Key Features

One exciting thing about this camera is that it comes with a fair number of features that you can count on for ultimate performance.

 Completely wire-free

The choice of a wired or wireless security camera is for you to make. And while each of the two comes with its advantages as well as a fair share of downsides, there’s always something about wire-free cameras that sets them apart.

With the Arlo Pro being completely wire-free, you can be sure that power cords and wiring are nothing you will ever have to worry about when it comes to the installation.

This also enables you to place the camera wherever it feels most convenient for you besides enabling you to enjoy the ability to monitor your home from any angle. 

 Built for indoors and outdoors alike

Security cameras come in different sizes and shapes, but these gizmos usually come down to three categories that determine where you can use it. You can install it indoors, outdoors, or both; it’s all about the unit you go for.

That’s where tough construction of this camera kicks in to ensure you can install it whether in the indoors or outdoors depending on your needs. The weather-resistant construction of this camera makes it a great option for just about everyone, regardless of where you are planning to install it.

 Night vision capabilities

The other thing you definitely don’t want to miss with a security camera is the ability to continue recording even after nightfall. After all, no one likes the idea of getting two different cameras for daylight surveillance and one for the nighttime, as they can be a bit too costly.

So why not get a little unit that keeps an out for the bad people at any time of the day as this one. Thanks to its night vision function, inbuilt 850 nm LEDs with the ability to illuminate as far as 25 feet and an IR filter, and should never prove to be too dark to get that clear footage.

 Easy control

Having a security camera installed is one thing, being able to control, it is yet another, and the ability to do so with much ease can be a completely different story altogether. Different cameras offer varying means of control, but when it comes to the use of voice, all other option pretty much go out the window.

Thankfully, this unit comes with the ability to work with Alexa, which you can buy separately, a great addition to an already exciting little unit.

Additionally, it also supports 2-way audio performance, which you are definitely going to find handy when you need to communicate with someone remotely such as a visitor or the delivery man on your doorway.

 Impressive recording capabilities

No matter where you can mount your camera or how easy it is to control, if it does not offer the best recording possible, then it still will not make the cut in terms of value. Well, you need to consider a long list of things as far as the recording goes. Moreover, this one seems to raise the bar in virtually all of those.

To begin with, the outstanding 1280 x 720 video resolution that this camera can deliver puts the competition to shame. Remember, however, that this is configurable, so it all boils down to personal preference. 

Besides, it also does a remarkable job when it comes to the field of view, thanks to its 130-degree coverage.

 Ample video storage

Being able to obtain the best resolution video coverage is one thing, storing it where you can review it later is quite another, and, in most cases, the real deal. The options here are hard to exhaust, as it is mostly a matter of choice.

But when it comes to Arlo Pro, storage is most likely the last of your worries. What’s even better, you can be sure to enjoy an impressive 7-day free cloud recording for both audio and video. Besides, you can also live stream the footage if need be, it’s just a matter of choice.

 The Top Benefits

A rechargeable camera system stands out as a wireless system that you can use with additional ease as far as installation and connectivity go.

That’s one of the things that make Arlo Pro the go-to choice if you want a wire-free unit, this is an easy choice.

Versatility is also a great addition to the efficiency that you can get with a home security camera.  And with this unit’s capability to work with Alexa/Echo Show/ Fire TV/Google Assistant.

All of which enables you to view your video footage. You can also use it with Samsung SmartThings and IFTTT as well as a few others.

For additional intelligence, the camera also comes with Arlo Smart, which enables you to customize the camera to cover specific zones, as well as sound and motion-activation alerts.

You can as well contact emergency services using a lock screen on your Smartphone’s, which is an optional service with a one-month trial.

The waterproof design of this camera makes it a great option if you want something that can last whether you install it indoors or outdoors.

The siren also has a great addition to the unit, as it is loud enough to alert anyone at home and the neighbors in the case of an intrusion. With up to over 100 decibels, the siren is loud enough to be heard a few blocks away.

Additional advantages that you are going to get with this camera system include fast charging battery, up to 130-degree angle lens and an impressive over 300 ft line of sight. You’ll also love the possibility of using USB storage for a backup when need be.

The box comes with everything you need. These include the camera, the battery, a power cable for the camera, and a power adapter.

A base station with the siren, an Ethernet cable as well as a wall mount and mount screws are also included. Others include a quick start guide as well as a window decal.

 Here’s A Tip

To get the best of this camera, you will need a high-speed internet connection with at least 1 Mbps upstream. A port on the router and the included Arlo Pro compatible power adapter and cable also come in handy.


  1. The easy installation of this camera makes it one of the best options especially if you want to go the DIY way.
  2. The batteries are not only easy and fast to charge, but they are also lasting and ensure uninterrupted surveillance.
  3. Its smart siren enables you to control it remotely, but it can go off by itself if the unit detects any motion or sound.
  4. The 2-way audio and local storage make the use of this unit as easy as it can get, but you will also need the live view at any time of the day, from anywhere you want to.
  5. And of course, the weatherproof design can’t go unnoticed, as this helps you make the most out of this camera, whether you will be installing it indoors or outdoors.


  1. The price is a bit high, and you might find the motion detection a bit oversensitive.


 Final thoughts

We understand that the hunt for that perfect camera to add to your home security arsenal can be a long and tedious search. But thankfully, with such units as the Arlo Pro on the market, you can bet that you will get the value you pay for.

And now that we’ve taken you through just about everything that this camera system comes with, you don’t have to be stranded trying to understand what you’ll be getting into anymore.

Go for it and check it out, you will love the outstanding performance and ease of use that this camera offers. So why not try it and let us know about your experience in the comment section below?

If you have any more questions about the Arlo Wireless Home Security Camera Systems review, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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