No matter where you live, the threat of security is always too real, and menacing at the same time as you never know when the bad people might strike; but it’s wise to be prepared with such gadgets as this Magnets.

The reason why you need to have your doors and windows secure is that while burglars have many ways of getting into your house, these areas are always the easiest ways in. So the best you can do is to have solid barriers that won’t make things any easy for an intruder.

And adding such smart components as these sensors adds to the overall safety of your home and family. The tricky thing, however, is finding the ideal sensor for your home’s doors and windows, and that’s where this unit comes into play as it turns out to be one of the top favorites for many homeowners.

If you are thinking of trying it, then read this review to the very end before buying, as we will be taking you through everything you need to know about this little yet effective sensor and believe us, it has a whole lot to explore.

It seems we’ve got a lot to do, so let’s jump right in and get started.

The Key Features

Impressive Wi-Fi performance

If there’s one thing that you will need a door or window sensor for, it has to be the ability to notify you whenever someone tries to gain entry into your property. And that’s what makes this sensor the go-to option, it has to be the fast response that it delivers, thanks to its Wi-Fi capabilities.

This enables you to get notifications from wherever you are if it detects any disturbances in the entry to your home, usually as fast as within 6 to 10 seconds. Besides, this sensor comes with a one-click APP that enables you to share it with family members for convenience sake.

And when you restart your router, you never have to connect it afresh, as it also features an inbuilt auto dial function that connects it automatically; cool, isn’t it?

 Easy to use

Ease of use is yet another thing you have to factor in if you want to get a sensor that won’t necessitate involving a technician to be able to start using it.

But with the Al-cluster, you don’t have to go to such extremes, as it is a smart, but simple, a small unit that you can attach on just about anything from doors to windows, cabinets, sheds and even gates among other places in your home. The set up of this unit is also a breeze, which goes to make things super easy for you.

 The installation is also a piece of cake

Even before you can start thinking of using your door and window sensor, you will need to install it first, and as such, the easier a unit is to install the better for you. Well, Al-cluster has got you covered on that as well, and it all comes down to its wireless, easily portable design that lets you install it anywhere in your home.

What’s more, this unit also comes with a double-sided mounting tape that makes it effortless to install, since all you have to do is simply attach it to just about any surface and you’re all set.

It’s also worth mentioning that this unit comes with up to 4 screws included in the package, which you can also make use of if need be.

 Long lasting battery

The battery is by far the most essential consideration you have to make when it comes to wireless home security systems. But having a battery onboard is one thing, having a lasting one is a whole different story altogether.

Here’s the thing;

With 2 AAA batteries, this unit is capable of running for up to 6 months without having to replace. So you can be sure you won’t be getting those beeps to remind you to change the batteries any time soon. Keep in mind, however, that this unit doesn’t come with the batteries included in the package.

 Highly compatible

Compatibility! It’s among the most important things that make any unit worth the money by letting you make the most out of it. Thankfully, this unit is capable of working with Alexa as well as with Google home to give you ultimate control. What beats the efficiency of knowing the status of your door by simply asking Google home or Alexa from wherever you are?

Better yet, you won’t ever have to worry about any monthly charges, or having to get a hub for the sensor. What’s more, you can set it using an APP to work with other smart devices in your house such as smart lights turning on when someone opens the door.

 The Top Benefits

The SMART LIFE APP that this unit is capable of working with gives you the ability to do more, as you can use it to monitor the level of your battery, or check the history record of your unit.

By detecting and reporting the battery level, you never run the risk of ever having your unit shutting off due to low battery levels since you will always be able to replace the batteries in time.

Besides the ability to open and close the history record, this unit is also capable of clearing the record that you no longer need, which is yet another efficient additional function that you would be happy to have in there.

Compliance is one of the most essential considerations you have to factor in when shopping for a home security unit and this one never disappoints at that, as it is CE, FCC as well as ROHS compliant.

With the ability to work with other smart devices on your home such as smart lights, this unit ensures that you will never have to come home to find your house pitch dark, as it triggers the lights to turn on the moment you open the door. This also startles any intruder who manages to get past the door and should be enough to send them running.

The high versatility of this sensor further makes it a great pick as it fits just about anywhere in your home. From the basement to the garage door, front and side doors, as well as cabinets and any other crucial areas in your home, you can count on it.

 A Few Tips

  • Always check to ensure that your door sensor’s wifi and that of your Smartphone are both within the same Wi-Fi environment, preferably 2.4G.
  • If you don’t have the “Smart Life” app, you can download it from Google Play or Apple Store, and then create an account using your email, then you can log in to the APP and add your device.


  1. The installation is as easy as it can get, which makes this unit a great pick for those who want to go the DIY way, even if you don’t have any technical knowledge.
  2. Its versatility is the other thing that you will definitely love about this sensor, as it fits in a wide range of areas in your home; the choice is all yours.
  3. With the ability to work with Alexa and Google home, this sensor gives, you the ultimate control regardless of where you are.
  4. Since it also works wonders with smart lights with the use of an APP, you no longer have to step into a dark house anymore.
  5. Its efficient use of battery further qualifies this sensor as the perfect pick as you can count on it for months on end.
  6. You are also going to love the remarkable customer service that the manufacturer offers, in case of any problem somewhere down the line; all you have to do is contact them.


  1. Perhaps the only downside to this sensor is that it doesn’t come with the batteries included in the package.


Final Thoughts

By now, it’s certain that this sensor has something every homeowner would sacrifice just about anything for. From the outstanding performance to energy efficiency, ease of use as well as its effortless installation, it has everything you would ever ask for in such a home security unit.

The best part by far is that you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot to get it, as it is considerably cheap, especially when you factor in what it can do.

So why wait any longer? Get out there and grab it, install it in next to no time and set up everything. And just like that, you have an additional reason to sleep with peace of mind knowing that your home and family are safe.

remember to let us know about your experience with this little gizmo in the comments section below. Also, if you have any question about the Al-cluster Wi-Fi Door and Windows Sensor Magnets, make sure to let us know.

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